Friday, April 04, 2008

At Least I Can Spell "Laparoscopic" Now

The Training: Wednesday was 10 easy in the morning followed by another easy 10K or so with the gang from the Running Shop in the evening. Additional cross-training included one game of billiards post-run. Thursday found me a bit fatigued after two days of doubles with one speed workout, so I took it easy again with eight miles. This morning I ran seven miles and threw in 8x300 jog, 100 sprints/accelerations. If it sounds like I'm tapering off, I am.

The Race: I found out Wednesday evening that the 5K on the track I've been looking forward to on April 11 is most likely canceled. With this in mind I started tapering Thursday for this Sunday's Race for the Cure 5K. I ran 16:23 or so here last year, but it was about 36 hours after running a 5K race on the track. It's a fast and fair course, so between tapering down in earnest while sharpening up I'm hoping for a good day.

The Plan: I've been knocking on the door of a sub-16 minute 5K for two years now, so of course that's the goal. What I'm learning from my recent workouts is that I'm not processing lactate as well as I should be. Having to alter the workout three posts down because I overloaded my system too early showed this, and finding a sticking point at 67 seconds for those 400's on Tuesday hinted at the same thing. With this in mind I'm going to focus on the following for Sunday-

1. Longer warm up to get the blood moving around, the legs warmed up and the body ready.

2. A little more intensity than usual before race, again to warm up the pipes and to get the body processing a bit of lactate before biting down on the first mile. I usually keep it to a handful of strides of increasing intensity. This time I'm hoping to add a few minutes (2-3) closer to threshold or around half marathon pace.

3. Ease into the first mile and focus on splits more than the competition. This isn't part of our local Grand Prix series, so, I have no reason to get sucked out of the gate at supersonic speed in an effort to stay with the lead pack. If I can keep gaining speed through at least the first half of the race it will go a long way towards keeping me from blowing up early.

I'm excited about this race, as it gives me at least one opportunity to go for a PR before the state championship 5K in mid-May.

The Hernia: Yeah, I guess I have one after all. It's a direct hernia, but it's apparently too high up on the abdomen to be causing the recurring hydrocele. The surgeon who examined me is more than happy to do laparoscopic surgery to repair it at the same time the other doc removes the hydrocele, but since it doesn't seem absolutely necessary at this point I think I'll just leave it be for now and hope for the best.

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Ewen said...

Good luck Mike. If you can pull off the plan, I can't wait to read about the fifteen-something 5k.