Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Daughter the Eco-Warrior

If the worst our 2-year-old son touches in a grungy public restroom in the park is a loose roll of toilet paper, I consider us lucky. Finn picked up the errant roll and pulled out about three feet of paper before I could stop him while our 5-year-old daughter used the facilities. As I pulled the string of sheets Finn had loosened off the roll and balled them up to throw in the trash, Haiden scolded me: "You're wasting the Earth's resources Daddy!"

This comical interlude happened during my unexpected day off, which included sleeping in until 6:30 (a miracle with our kids), a trip out of the house for professional smoothies (guess mine aren't good enough), and an afternoon at the park. 78 degrees and a light breeze here, which is as good as it gets.

I spent much of yesterday's run scouting for cairns across creek beds and losing the trails I thought I had memorized. The water from the winter rains has finally started to recede in Sabino Canyon, so I took to some of Kiera's trails just to see if they were passable yet (most were). Slow going, but a nice respite from real training.

This morning Mystery Coach took to sort of combining what he prescribed for me last week with what I ended up doing (see the "Quick Change" post below). More sharpening and less anaerobic volume was the order of the day with the races coming up, so I was set for 1 mile at 5:50, one minute recovery, 1 mile at 5:45, one minute recovery, then 4x400 fast and relaxed with one to two minutes recovery. It went down like this:
Mile 1, 5:45
Mile 2, 5:37 (I know, I know)
1:09 (1 minute recovery)
1:07 (1:30)
1:07 (1:45)

The first two miles felt like I was jogging, but I still ran them a bit too fast. I think the 5:37 mile bit into the last two 400's a bit, as I tired some in the legs during the final 100 of the third repeat and during the last 200 of the final repeat. This time the legs bogged down instead of the lungs though, which was interesting.

I'm still on the fence about the 5K this Sunday, as it's expensive and I don't really want to spend the money for what would be more of a workout. We'll see.

Training: 4/1, 10 miles (see above)
3/31, 10 miles on trails, real slow


Ewen said...

Wow. Has she been hanging out with Al Gore? Maybe she knows about the shortage of such resources at some road races?

If it's expensive, perhaps you might be better off doing your own workout; plus it can be difficult doing a controlled workout within a race.

Blaxabbath said...

Skip the 5k this Sunday and destroy any comers to the 2nd Annual Run for Your Life 5k on 4/13.


Phil said...

You've got a smart daughter (but, you already knew that).

Skip the 5K ... you don't have to spend a lot of money to remind yourself that you're in great shape.

Mike said...

Thanks for the comments guys. It looks like the 5K on the track for April 11 is canceled, so I'll probably end up going all out this weekend since it won't mean racing three weekends in a row.

The Run for your Life 5K looks interesting Blax, and I do dig all the charities involved. We'll see. Maybe if you're on the line too?

Michael said...

Good luck this weekend Mike! I love the fact that you have an extra gear given your marathon times (I'm envious and don't know how you do it)!