Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NYC Marathon

I told you I'd check in from time to time (hopefully at least two or three of you still have me lingering at the bottom of your bloglines).

Since my pals Lucas and Jason are finally taking the marathon plunge I've decided to join them along with some other friends for the NYC marathon on November 2. I'm posting in hopes that a few of my more cosmopolitan running-blog brethren out there might have some travel and accommodation tips for our Tucson gang.

If anyone has some good ideas about where to stay to make the NYC marathon as stress-free as possible please feel free to comment here or email me from my profile. I don't travel too often, and a quick look at the hotel list and area map has my head swimming. We certainly aren't averse to public transit, so if there are good areas to stay where we could use the subway to get around that aren't $400 a night, by all means tell me about them.

As for the running, it's been pretty much business as usual. The log is fairly up to date and tells the tale. I'm pretty much over whatever made me type in orange for a few days last week, or at least I'm healthy enough for yard-work.

Thank you again for all the kind comments after the farewell posts, your sentiments are deeply appreciated.


ian said...

Hey Mike-I've been out of the loop but when New York Marathon popped up in my RSS feed I had to click. I can help you with all things New York, as I have now lived here for five months and know everything.

I signed up too, so I look forward to seeing your back get smaller and smaller and smaller as you run away from me.

And to your bloggy farewell: you were the best of all us self-involved running bloggers, period.

Anonymous said...

I think your best bet is to stay in midtown Manhattan. That way you can walk to the Public Library and catch the buses to the start. It will cost you, believe me. But there's really no way you're going to do NYC on the cheap.

I hope you can keep this blog going as much as possible. Its been fun reading about your journey.

Mike said...

Ian, so good to hear from you. I commented over on your poor, neglected blog and I hope you'll email me.

Thanks for the tip anonymous. I pretty much gave up on "cheap" after finding out about the 150-some dollars it takes to register, plus the airfare. There's a good chance we'll end up in midtown Manhattan, but I was hoping their might be some options to take the subway to the start from perhaps Queens or somewhere else.

Again, I appreciate the help and the comments.

Jesse said...

Mike, I think you'll enjoy NYC. Beware the course isn't as fast as it is made out to be. There are quite a few hills. As far as the logistics go I'm afraid their is no way out of the choas. My wife and I frequent the city often and just driving in for lunch and shopping is expensive and time cunsuming. All hotels run high as it is. My advise would be give yourslef time. Getting around will be a hassel.

Jesse said...

I just rememered when I was single I would often go to NYC and to aviod the 1 hour drive home(drunk) I would stay at a bed and breakfast. Brooklyn offers many, many of these dirt cheap. It's basicly a bed in a small room so not an option if you're bringing the family. YOu can probably find one for $50.00 per night.

Also I should note dragging you car around is more of a hassel than if you just use the subway. If you can find it, parking is crazy expensive and extreamly unorginized. Whatever you choose just lock you car up for the weekend. The subway system is efficient.

Ewen said...

Sorry Mike, I've only been to the west coast of The Big One.

I'll keep you on bloglines until at least November ;) Good luck.

Ryan Cleary said...

I've lived in NYC for 8+ years; if you want some advice, drop me an email: ryancleary@gmail.com

Mike said...

Thanks for the advice Jesse, Brooklyn does sound like a good option. Ryan, I will definitely shoot you an email, and Ian, I'll keep jamming your inbox as well.

Ryan said...


I've been checking in on your blog for a couple years now. I really enjoy it.

I just started a website (RunYourCity.com) designed to connect running bloggers, which I've organized by city. You might want to ask some of my New York City bloggers for some help. They do know the area best.

I'm going to add your blog right now. Best of luck.


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sorry, no knowledge of NYC, but glad to see a post from you. Yes, still have you on my Bloglines.

Sorry to hear that you are good to go for yardwork. ;-)

Dusty said...

Miss your bloging! Thought about you during my last race and some of the things you wrote as I was running from the front.

NYC - I used to travel there a lot with business before our budget went to hell. I only heard bad things about the Holiday Inn at Time Square. I stayed at some nicer places since I had a budget of $250/night. I got on Expedia and searched by stars until I found the price that worked - then I knew I got a good one. Check out the hotels on Expedia's map and make sure they are not too far from a subway line. Then you should be fine. The subways are so awesome.

I'm thinking of going out there for the Tunnel to Towers 5K in September.

Glad to see you post - hope you continue to drop a line when it works for your schedule! Hope the family & kids are well!

Phil said...

When I stay in NYC, I like to stay mid-town up near Central Park. You can find hotels that are reasonable (nothing's cheap) and they're within running distance of the start line.