Friday, May 30, 2008


Training: 8-ish miles, 1h, slow
Sleep: 5h30m, 4/10 (need to work on this, house-guests don't help)
Legs: 6/10, sluggish altogether, 2 beers the night before during a playground committee meeting didn't help
Post Run: 6/10, Kind of glad to be done, bit of a head-ache and I never really found my groove

Greg made a good point about the new "post run" ranking in the new log. "My problem with your ranking system is that my post-run ranking would always be 9/10. If you took that same ranking about halfway through my runs, it would probably be 3-6/10."

Greg, I think if you're feeling great at the end of all your runs, you're probably training smart and not overdoing it. I like taking stock about 30 minutes afterwards, as that seems to be when I either feel energized from the run or I'm looking for 20 minutes to lay on the couch with my feet up. I'm trying to use this as a way to keep my mindful of Mystery Coach's Axiom Number Two: "How easily you recover from a workout is a better indication of your condition than the workout itself." I know these runs (and most runs) aren't workouts, but by paying attention to the "Legs" and "Post Run" categories, hopefully I can head trouble off at the pass.

My lack of patience is probably one of my greatest faults when it comes to training, but when I see how far some guys can go by showing patience and backing off at the right times it gives me hope.


Michael said...

Mike, I'm really glad to see that you're back in whatever capacity you can spare.

Speaking from experience, I was seriously over-trained the second year I did Ironman (it was also the year my parents decided on a divorce), I sympathize with you and know where you’re coming from. It’s a difficult tightrope to walk when you’re balancing an attempted PB in one hand with untested boundaries and possible fatigue in the other. I remember asking myself a couple years ago what I wanted from running, results vs. a life-style. Of course I wanted both, but in an effort to build longevity I sometimes think more is less, i.e., it’s occasionally better to go in under-trained and with fire in your eyes than any alternative.

Forgive me, I now think it’s the Paddywhack (IPA) talking...

mainers said...

Nice to have your blog back up and running Mike. My goal is a November marathon so I will be following your blog with interest! like the idea of the rating system!