Saturday, May 31, 2008


Training: 17.5-ish miles, 2h01m (no Garmin so guessing on the mileage)
Sleep: 7h30m, 8/10 Still woke a little tired but catching up
Legs: 7/10, Felt very good at the start, worked on my marathon shuffle (keeping legs close to the ground and focused on compact stride) for first half, but too tired the last 30 minutes to worry much about form at all.
Post Run: 7/10, Took a little work the last 30 minutes, but running uphill for four miles through gut-check alley tends to do this.

These two hour runs are still feeling like my old 2h30m runs. I probably could be worried by this, but since I've only done two of them I'm trying to relax about it for the time being. I checked my watch around what I remembered as being the 8 mile mark, and it seemed like I was running between 6:50 and 6:55 pace with a fair amount of downhill. I stopped a minute shy of one hour and retraced my steps back, figuring I'd lose a little time on the uphills, but instead I found myself negative-splitting the run so I had to add on a bit. Like last week I did get tired, but the fatigue doesn't seem to be slowing me down. Pleasantly tired? As I sit here typing three hours later I'll say yes.

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Dusty said...

negative splits on a run that long - I'm impressed!