Friday, June 13, 2008


Training: 10 miles, 1h22m, 8:10 pace, Easy run with my pal Jeff
Sleep: 7h, 7/10
Legs: 8/10 No complaints

Mystery Coach sent along the first general marathon training schedule for New York in November, and I like the looks of it. This is week one of ten for conditioning, so I'll be focused on digging into longer runs two days another week plus a medium-long run, all at very aerobic paces. Other days alternate between an evaluation trial every two weeks, easy shorter days, or 10 mile runs at moderate paces. All in all it seems pretty similar to Arthur Lydiard's original marathon conditioning schedules, which have worked fairly well for me in the past. I'll also add strides and some drills one or two days a week. I'm not going to state what the mileage will be, as for the first four weeks or so I'd rather not get too focused on hitting a target at the expense of recovering properly. This build is less about big deposits and more about the power of compounded interest, so I'm willing to leave a little more on the table early in hopes of having more at the end of the training cycle (when I'll need it most).

In addition to the primary runs, I'm still hoping to consistently do 3-4 supplementary runs of 4-6 miles, either at the gym on the treadmill or outside if conditions allow it (we have a few days of 107-109 degree highs in the forecast for the weekend). While I'm at the gym I'm sure I'll make an idiot of myself by jumping up and down on boxes and doing some core work on those giant kickballs.


Andrew said...

You are always welcome to fly out here to Eastport. 50 degrees when the sun rises. Unfortunately, it does get to a sweltering 70 by noon but thank goodness for the nice sea breeze.

Jesse said...

Mike I just checked you blog and I'm delighted to see you are posting again. I see you made some changes in your training. I think joining a gym and getting in some strength work is a good idea. It's funny, I get jealous as I read your blog in the winter because I'm stuck on the dreadmill dodging sub zero temps. My morning runs haven't gone over 60 yet and now you're the gerbil.

I'll be looking foward to tracking your buildup into NYC. I think you will really enjoy this race. At least the tempature will not be a factor.