Saturday, June 14, 2008


Training: 10 miles, 1h06m, 6:36 pace
Sleep: 7h, 7/10 Still catching up
Legs: 8/10

Old, bad habits die hard. I caught myself adding up the miles for the week as I sat on the couch after putting the kids down for the evening. I was trying to decide whether or not to squeeze in a late evening run, and I'm embarrassed to say that trying to figure out if it would get me to 100 miles this week figured into the equation. By the time I figured out I wouldn't make it to 100 with or without the run I way lying down on the couch instead of sitting, so instead of running I took a snooze for half an hour. Obviously I needed rest more than another run.

This morning another bad habit reared its head as I headed out for Mystery Coach's first pace-based workout of the build. Ten miles in 66-67 minutes were the orders, along with a caution to not push the pace down. The legs felt quite good, and at five miles I found myself running about ten seconds per mile too fast. I backed off enough for the second half by finding some hills, so by the end I probably ended up running the first half at 6:26 and the second half at 6:46. Not optimal, but at least I caught myself and corrected it as best I could. The legs and breathing felt good enough today that I'm guessing I would have run all ten miles at 6:25 pace without any guidance, but that would probably really put the hurt on me for the long run tomorrow.


Abadabajev said...

You were too fast by 3 minutes. Smarten up LOL...... just kidding.
I like what I see. You're doing 8 minute pace on some of your runs. I applaud. Never thought I'd see that day. Very good Mike. Come on come on. Do tell what the weekly base mileage will be? I'm dying to know. 100? 110? 120? 200?

Mike said...

I thought you'd like that 8 minute pace, Abadabajev.

If there's one thing I've learned from reading all the running blogs out there, it's that declaring your mileage before you actually run it is the surest way to curse yourself into running less.

I can't tell you how many times I've read in a Thursday or Friday post that "I should get to such and such miles after the long run", only to read a few days later that fate stepped in and stopped them short. With two kids and a pretty full schedule, I try not to take any planned miles for granted.

Nice hearing from you again.

master woo said...

The story of the The Tortoise and the Heir comes to mind, patients is a virtue, and you will be rewarded with great times ahead on the long and winding road,grasshopper!