Sunday, June 15, 2008


Training: 21.5 miles, 2h34m, 7:12 pace
Sleep: 7.5h, 8/10 About as good as it gets
Legs: 5/10 Quite ready to be done by the end

For the week of 6/9-6/15:
Mo: 10, 5
Tu: 10 w/4 mile evaluation at 150HR
We: 10, 6
Th: 10
Fr: 10 at 6:36 pace
Sa: 10
Su: 21.5
Total: 92 miles in 9 sessions

Not a bad stretch for my first week back to marathon conditioning. The long run today got tough towards the end, but luckily I had a good group of guys to run most of it with, which kept things interesting. Even though I started just past 5:30, it was still creeping into the high 80's by the time we finished. It seemed like the central governor kicked in at about 18 miles, where I had the sudden urge to find the next patch of shade and just stand still for a minute or two. Since I still had Jason along at this point (the rest had already called it a day), I kept at it instead. After all, we had chocolate chunk scones waiting for us at home. Fathers' Day and Finn's birthday celebrations followed. Big fun.

The fork is just a blur. His dad looked much the same a few hours earlier with the scones
Photo by Kiera...I think


Ewen said...

Great photo Kiera - the blurred hand makes it.

I don't know Mike, I reckon 8.5 hours is as good as it gets - I don't get it often enough though.

Thomas said...

Actually, Finn is turning into a mini-version of his dad. Did you create him as a mini-me?

Dusty said...

Happy Father's Day (belated). Looks like he is eating cake the way it is meant to be enjoyed!! YUM!!