Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Training: 16 miles, 1h54m, 7:08 pace
Sleep: 7.5h, 8/10 A bit groggy
Legs: 4/10 Not bouncing back as quickly as I'd like
Temperature: 85 degrees

Instead of complaining about the heat I'm just going to post it along with the rest of the training. I shifted my schedule around a bit this week in order to get my long run in on Saturday instead of Sunday, which meant my shorter long run was on the docket for this morning. I felt a bit tired and uninspired as I stared out from the driveway at 5:30, but I muddled through and finished feeling better than I did on Sunday. The legs were heavy, which I blame partly on adjusting to the higher volume of training and partly to yesterday's activities.

Tuesdays are "big water" days, which means two hours or so at the huge covered pool in town. It has a "beach entry", so little guy Finn can wade in as much or as little as he likes, while Haiden swims all over the place and talks to all the babies she sees. I spend my time pulling my legs through waist-deep water while chasing both kids or dragging them through a small lazy river water-feature, and by the end of it I'm pretty much spent. This time we tackled the zoo afterwards, which was fine until we were chased by an overprotective bird in the aviary. I love my summer weekends.

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