Thursday, June 19, 2008


Training: 10 miles, 1h13m, 7:22 pace
Sleep: 6h, 6/10 Early morning
Legs: 7/10 Felt pretty good considering yesterday
Temperature: 80 degrees. Left at 4:45am, which helped

Training: pm., 6 miles easy with the gang, but damned if it wasn't over 100 degrees. Found and utilized the "aggressive motorist hotline" after nearly getting squished by some turd in a PT Cruiser. Yes, I guess having to drive that car is almost punishment enough.

Really forced the "easy" today by finding some trails and different roads. I know yesterday's double taxed me, and I've also been running enough to know I won't really feel it until tomorrow so I was extra cautious.

Kiera and I get a sorely needed night out this evening, which will involve four hours of driving and an outdoor (sadly since it will be 90 degrees) Death Cab for Cutie concert in Mesa, AZ. After the drive home late tonight I'm guessing tomorrow's run will come far too early.

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

don't know how you do it in that heat. i'd die!

love the cruiser comment!