Saturday, June 21, 2008


Training: 21 miles, 2h32m, 7:18 pace
Sleep: 7.5h, 7/10 Catching up but still tired
Legs: 7/10 at the end, probably 4/10 for the first 40 minutes
Temperature: 84 by the end

Nearly fell asleep on the couch while watching the TIVO'd NCAA track and field championships last evening, so I crawled into bed at 8:30 in order to be ready for the 3:45am alarm this morning. The body seemed a bit in shock at the early wake up, and the first six miles on the road found me dragging a bit. I was a bit worried about sticking it out for 20 miles at this point, but having my friend Scott join me after my first nine miles gave me hope. We ran a few different hilly loops on road and trail, one in Sabino Canyon and then a trip down and around the upper section of Gut Check Alley. I definitely felt better for the second half of the run, but we certainly didn't push the pace at all.

I'm trying to stay relaxed about the paces of these early long runs, as there's certainly plenty of time to improve before the New York marathon in November. This week's long slog felt better than last week, which is a trend I hope to see continue. I still think I'm moving along fast enough to build endurance, which is the main goal for these first ten weeks.

The family heads off to Carlsbad, California tomorrow for our first family vacation since before Finn was born. Sticking to the miles will be a challenge for sure, but the welcome cooler temps should give me inspiration. I doubt I'll get a weekly wrap-up in tomorrow, so here's how the first six days of the week have gone (my training weeks end on Sunday)

Mo: 12, 6
Tu: 10 slightly uptempo
We: 16, 6
Th: 10 very easy
Fr: 10 at 6:36 pace
Sa: 21
Total miles: 91 in 8 sessions

I should be able to get in an easy run tomorrow before we hit the road, but it sure feels good to have the long run out of the way. Have a great weekend.


Ewen said...

Enjoy Carlsbad Mike - those sea breezes will be just the thing.

I have a question for your return (or Mystery Coach)...
I'm doing base training (100k a week), and was wondering how do I know when I've "peaked" at my lowest possible average HR for a particular pace, and will upping the mileage to perhaps 120k achieve further improvement? Are the evaluation runs a good guide? When such a "peak" is reached, is that a good time to switch to the next phase of training? I'm not aiming for particular goal race, just a peak racing period of 4-6 weeks next summer.

Thomas said...

Have a great trip. I generally find it easy enough to keep up the miles while on vacation; just make sure you keep getting up early enough for your run.