Friday, June 06, 2008


Training: 9-ish miles, 1h04m
Sleep: 8h, 9/10 Woke up and turned off the alarm to get more rest
Legs: 7/10, Not as good as yesterday but still fine

Woke up with the kids today, which blows any chance of getting a resting heart rate. I was happy to get out for the run, but no so thrilled about heading off to the gallery for the day afterwards. Haiden and Finn have taken to singing this song after getting up, which doesn't help my motivation-

Why must they mock me? The trumpet just adds insult to injury. I have no trumpet, but my guitars sit and home and collect dust while I'm here at work.


Greg said...

They Might be Giants makes a kids album.

I'm old.

Mike said...

Tell me about it Greg. Last year when I went to see the Police in concert, Sting's kid opened the show with his own band. Then I went to see Crowded House and Neil Finn's kid opened for them. I'm feeling pretty old now too.

Marc said...

Thanks,now I've got that song in my head...and I play trumpet.

I was going to take my son to see the Police but the $250 price tag for the cheap seats took my breath away, as well as my motivation to see the Police.

Ah, the good ol' days when you could see bands like the Police and U2 for $15 (1984).

Mike said...

It was recently $40 for the Police with Elvis Costello opening (cheap seats), which I couldn't pass up. I'm hoping U2 comes through when the new album comes out, so I guess I should start saving now.

Ewen said...

Practise every day and race on Sunday - I like it!

Good sleep there Mike - 9/10s are optimal for the optimal strategy :)