Saturday, June 07, 2008


Training: 17-ish miles, 2h,0m
Sleep: 6h, 6/10 Stayed up late playing with new music toys
Legs: 5/10, Big step backwards today, sore and stiff

Tough two hours out there today. I changed my long run route to bring me through Gut-Check Alley (four miles of generally uphill running) at about an hour instead of 1h30m in hopes of being fresher during the second half, but it just didn't work out that way. Temperatures were in the 80's by 7, which is when I was about half-way there, and I think part of my problem today was due to me not being acclimated to the heat again. I had the strange desire to stop a few times between 1h30m and 2h, which I'm taking as a cue that the brain is beginning to sense a cut in the glucose supply.

I'd sure like to feel better during these longer runs, and I'm fairly confident it will come in time. I'm hoping Mystery Coach will add a 90 minute run mid-week after these three sedate weeks are up, as I think it might hasten my adaptation to longer runs sooner. Going heavy on the water today.

I've been digging this thread on the Lydiard Foundation website. Some good info focusing on how to examine a marathon program once you hit a plateau.


Ewen said...

Thanks for the link Mike - an interesting read.

I think it shows the importance of individualising a program to cater for the strengths/weaknesses of an athlete. Perhaps also the need for different (temporary?) stimulus when a plateau is reached?

Also, are fast runners fast because they run 100ish (11 hours?) miles per week, or are they able to do well off this mileage because they are born fast (have certain natural abilities).

I was also interested in perhaps the need to come into the base phase "off" some faster/shorter running... and Nobby saying to be wary of becoming too good at the "marathon shuffle". Interesting.

Dusty said...

Not acclimated to the heat... after today, all I can say is, I relate. haha!

I'll check out the link - It will give me good reading material during my break! Thanks again for the advice, I really appreciate it!