Thursday, July 10, 2008


Training: am., 12 miles, 1h25m, 7:13 pace
Sleep: 7h, 6/10 Woke feeling tired
Legs: 5/10 Did not have it
Temperature: 77 degrees, 50% humidity

7/9/08 pm., 5 miles at 7:21 pace, dragging


In the past I've found the difference between optimal and maximum training to be the two to five days of forced easy runs I endure after confusing the latter for the former. In other words, I tend to trudge right past what I can adapt to and proceed to fall off the cliff that marks my maximum. From there I slowly climb out again while running easy, shorter days, all the while cursing myself for making the same mistakes over and over.

Last evening's double found the legs stagnant and stiff, and it took some mental coaxing to knock out an easy five miles. This morning the motivation was low for the planned 16 miler, and even though I started slow I really felt ready to call it a day after ten miles or so. I spent mile 11 rationalizing the fatigue by recounting how I was coming off of four doubles in a row, including one after Sunday's long run, and in doing so I talked myself down from 16 to 12 miles.

I was feeling good about the schedule this week, but it seems that a double the day before either of the two longer runs per week is just too much at the moment. I would certainly have been better off canning the run last night and putting those miles at the end of this morning's run, which is something I'll remember for next week.

I'm hoping that by stopping early today I can recover quickly for the faster planned run on Saturday as well as the long run on Sunday. I'm still a bit frustrated about not grinding out the last 4 miles today, but if this keeps me from slowly climbing up from the bottom of another cliff it will be worth it.

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Andrew said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one to fall off of the cliff from time to time.