Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Training: 12 miles, 1h26m, 7:10 pace
Resting HR: 44
Sleep: 5.5h, 5/10
Legs: 7/10, Dragging a bit

Training: 5 miles, 37m, 7:35 pace
Sleep: 5h, 2/10 Note to self: Remember the air mattress for camping next time
Legs: 7/10 Not bad for the treadmill

Training: 8 miles, 57m, 7:06 pace
Legs: 4/10 Ugh

Schedule your recovery or your body will schedule it for you. The dragging feeling of Sunday's long run turned into a palpable soreness in the legs on Monday. As a result I cut the run short to avoid any more damage. Monday night I took Haiden camping (see below), so I missed my morning run window. Since Kiera was taking a day and evening for herself I didn't have an opportunity for a run outside of an easy five miles on the treadmill at the gym before the childcare closed. The legs appreciated the break.

I finally took Haiden on her first camping trip to Mt. Lemmon on Monday afternoon. We stopped and explored some lookouts along the way.

Haiden dug Rose Canyon Lake, which is at about 4000 feet and is stocked with trout in the spring and fall. The air was still quite warm at the campsites nearby here though, so we continued upward.

We found this spot at just over 8000 feet of elevation in Spencer Canyon. It was nice and cool here, and the grounds had plenty of boulders to scramble up and woods to explore. There was also quite a bit of shade, which is always a plus.

We did the usual campfire thing with dogs and s'mores, though Haiden gravitated towards the chocolate to the exception of most of the other foods, which was to be expected.

Sleeping was a bit of a challenge for me after I realized I'd forgotten to bring along the air mattress to sleep on (yes, we're soft like that). We did make it through the night, and while I was up with the sun, Haiden managed to actually sleep in.

I'll probably try this again with both kids in a few weeks. After that I imagine I'll sell the tent, memory-wipe the kids and pretend it never happened. "Camping, you say? Oh, we don't do that. Too much dirt and too many bugs. Ask your Grandma and Grandpa, I think they still have a camper parked in their backyard."


Love2Run said...

Nice to see you taking a break when you need it. Nice camping spot but it looks a little bumpy. Can't wait for the 2 kid edition story!

speedygeoff said...

"Schedule your recovery or your body will schedule it for you". That's it!