Tuesday, July 22, 2008


9 miles, 1h01m, 6:48 pace, 4 mile evaluation at 6:13(151HR), 6:22(152), 6:27(152), 6:29(151), 1:00 to 120HR
Resting HR: 46
Sleep: 5.5h, 5/10
Legs: 6/10
Temperature: 78 degrees, 70% humidity

10 miles, 1h10m, 7:03 pace
Sleep: 5.5h, 5/10
Legs: 6/10

7/21/08 pm., 5 miles around 7:45 pace on the treadmill

15.68 miles, 1h49m, 7:01 pace, felt great with lots left in the tank
Resting HR: 42
Sleep: 6.5h, 6/10
Legs: 8/10
Temperature: 73 degrees, 60% humidity

Last week:
Mo: 10, 5
Tu: 10 at 6:40 pace
We: 12 w/strides
Th: 16 mile (bonked on long run)
Fr: 10 easy
Sa: 10 at 6:24 pace
Su: 16
Total: 89 miles in 8 sessions

Fell off a bit from the previous week, mostly due to a bad bonk on my long run. Aside from that things went fairly well, though in general it seems like there's a bit of a sticking point that comes into play at somewhere between 90 and 100 miles per week. It either has to do with the stress of fitting in more doubles, the heat, or a combination of both along with me getting a bit lax on sleep and nutrition.

Speaking of sleep, due to some insomnia Sunday night and a concert last night I only ended up with a total of 11 hours over the past two nights. This made for a lackluster run yesterday and some crummy results for the four mile evaluation today. Listen to the song below and you might understand why I allowed Wolf Parade to steal half a night's sleep from me. Duncan turned me on to these guys, and my god they put on a good show.

Shine a Light - Wolf Parade

Mile 1: 6:13 (151HR) 6:03 (150HR)
Mile 2: 6:22 (152HR) 6:14 (151HR)
Mile 3: 6:27 (152HR) 6:13 (151HR)
Mile 4: 6:29 (151HR) 6:12 (150HR)
60 sec to 120 HR.......42 sec to 120HR

Yes, this run definitely went in the wrong direction from the same workout a few weeks ago (the 7/8 run to the right). I'm tempted to just take this as a sign of how much I need to concentrate on getting enough rest at night, as aside from the bonk on the long run last week things seem to be improving across the board. What surprised me this morning was a resting heart rate of 46, which is about four beats above normal. I took it a few minutes later than normal (after the kids were up), but that still doesn't explain the rise. As for the run, it didn't feel especially stressful, but I could tell that I was running much slower at the same heart rate as two weeks ago. It was difficult to stay at a 150HR as whenever I didn't concentrate it went up to 152 or so.


Joseph P. Wood said...

I've been following your re-incarnated blog, Mike, and it seems like you've been getting some solid work in. My one question--and this might be not reading close enough--is how often do you take cutback weeks? And how much are you cutting back? That might be part of the sticking point issue if there isn't enough recovery, no?

Per the RHR, 4 beats in one day is not a big thang, and it seems pretty obvious--lack of sleep why there was a moderate spike--if this continues over a week or so, then yeah, it's worth attention, but otherwise, probably not too much a concern.

Mike said...

I'd always hoped to be reincarnated as a faster runner. Oh well.

I generally don't take a structured recovery week during base-building, as I don't really feel like I should be taxing myself enough to need one.

I was talking strictly about miles when I mentioned the sticking point. Specifically, I'm trying to get my miles to 110-125 rather than the 90MPW I seem kind of stuck at. Right now I just don't seem to be able to absorb much more, and I'm sure an inability to recover is part of it. My family obligations, the weather and other interests are also factors. Yes, believe it or not I do have other interests. =)

When Mystery Coach moves me into more specific work, it will most likely involve more time spent recovering. While I doubt I'll have specific recovery weeks, there are often two days in a row of very easy running after either a back to back effort or a more intense single effort.

Ewen said...

Mike, I had the same thing on my last two evaluation runs (slower than previously). For what it's worth, I put it down to inadequate sleep/tiredness from the working day (over a number of days previously).

110-125 is pretty serious mileage for someone working full-time and with other 'obligations'. I hope it's not beyond your sticking point. It would be interesting to see if you hit a new level of performance with this mileage.

Joseph P. Wood said...

Honestly, I always look at time on feet as a better indicator of weekly volume as opposed to mileage. Sell's 120 mile week vs. yours vs. mine vs. 20:00 minute guy is vastly different.

As much as Noakes gets on my nerves, I think there's something to be said about point of diminishing returns. And so much of that Ewen nailed on the head: We can't nap at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day. We can't get biweekly massages (I can't anyways). Recovery and external stresses are part of training as much as recovery.

Joseph P. Wood said...

PS: Last word should've been "running". Bad typing.