Wednesday, July 23, 2008


16 miles, 1h51m, 6:58 pace
Resting HR: 40
Sleep: 7h, 7/10
Legs: 7/10 Pretty good all things considered
Temperature: 78 degrees and rain

7/22/08 pm., 5 easy miles on the treadmill around 7:40 pace

Nice run through some rain this morning with Lucas. The legs never really felt fantastic, but it was nice getting some miles in before I take off to Reno, Nevada for a week to work an art auction.


Thomas said...

It might not have felt fantastic, but 7/10 for both sleep and legs seems to be better than average.

Somehow it sounded like a nice run.

Abadabajev said...

Resting HR of 40? You alive? LOL