Thursday, July 03, 2008


Training: 14 miles, 1h39m, 7:08 pace, hills heat and humidity
Sleep: 7h, 8/10
Legs: 7/10
Temperature: 85 degrees

7/2/08 pm
Training: 6.2 miles in 43m
Group run in 104 degree temperatures, with one very flatulent runner (not me)

The runs are still a bit difficult beyond 1h20m or so, but I'm blaming the heat for most of it. Lucas biked up from town to run with me, and while I was originally planning for 15 or 16 miles, 14 seemed to be the point where we were both feeling a bit cooked by the sun and ready to stop, even though we got started at 5:30. The run the evening before definitely affected me, and as such I didn't feel any need to push the pace.

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Love2Run said...

Yikes! 104F that's like twice what I'm used to. Give me snow, ice and fog any day.