Sunday, July 06, 2008


Training: 22 miles, 2h31m, 6:54 pace
Sleep: 6h, 6/10
Legs: 6/10
Temperature: 77 degrees, 70% humidity

pm., 5 miles on the treadmill at 7:50 pace

I have never had more bugs on me at one time than I did at 4:48 this morning. The monsoon storms have brought out the flying ants and gnats, and apparently the largest swarms hang out in the pre-dawn hours along Territory Road. They seem to focus on the eyes, ears, nose and mouth areas, and I don't enjoy them. After stopping to wipe off as many as I could I headed down Dog Poop Trail, only to be stopped in my tracks by no less than 15 javelina. These are nasty creatures with poor eyesight, and they didn't seem very interested in yielding the trail. Finally, after enough shouting and hand-clapping they moved on. As soon as I started up again I almost ran into number 16, who was lagging behind and seemed to be the oldest and largest of the bunch. It was just going to be that sort of run.

For a change of scenery I continued down into the city and ran on the Rillito River path in town for 5 miles before turning around to head back at 11 miles. Things went well until miles 16 to 20, which is the usual drag up through Gut-Check Alley. This four mile stretch of rolling uphill is still getting to me after four years of running it, yet I keep coming back.

I was happy to see a negative split on the run, as I was at 6:58 pace after the down and out before bringing it down to 6:54 cumulative after the back and up. The legs still aren't thrilled about the long runs, but I'm definitely feeling better a few hours afterwards. These still aren't smokin' paces by any means, but with the weather conditions I'm happy to just get the runs done. Starting at 4:30 this morning helped with the heat, though today was probably about as humid as it gets around here.

Here's how the week went down-
Mo: 8
Tu: 5
We: 12, 6
Th: 14
Fr: 10
Sa: 10 up-tempo
Su: 22, 5
Total: 92 miles in 9 sessions

Rough start to the week with Monday finding me sore and tired after making the mistake of cramming workouts and miles towards the end of last week. Tuesday I missed a morning session due to camping. The rest of the week went well, but I'd like to get the miles back up with some consistency for the rest of the conditioning build.


Andrew said...

I don't know, I think I'll keep the skunks.

running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

Runners are sprinting past works of art and visitors at the Tate Britain as part of a new exhibition at the venue.

Martin Creed's installation consists of a sprint through the site's neo-classical sculpture galleries every 30 seconds for the next four months.

The 50 runners will be paid £10 an hour to don their running gear and run through the Tate, avoiding visitors.

Denying his work was pretentious Mr Creed said: "This is something to look at, just like a painting."

The artist, who won the Turner Prize in 2001 with the installation, The Lights Going On And Off, said: "It's literally not pretentious because they are not pretending to run."

'Not safe'

Each 12-to-15-second run through the 282ft (86m) gallery is followed by an equivalent pause.

Mr Creed said: "The rest between each runner is the frame that lets you see the running.

"Sometimes when you go around museums you feel it's quite a laborious task
Martin Creed"

"The regularity of it is very important. That's what makes it easy to look at.

"There's a pattern for you to look at. You'll be sure that they're coming every 30 seconds so hopefully you can enjoy it."

Work No 850 was partly inspired by a five-minute viewing of the catacombs of the Cappuccini monks in Palermo, Italy, when he arrived at the crypt just before closing time.

He said: "I thought 'Why do you have to look at paintings for a long time? Why not look for a second?'.

"Sometimes when you go around museums you feel it's quite a laborious task."

The Wakefield-born artist advertised for participants in running magazines and sports clubs and is still searching for more sprinters.
But energetic visitors will not be encouraged to join in "because it's not safe", he said.
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