Monday, August 11, 2008


Sunday's long run went fairly well, though the weather continues to annoy me. The legs held together through 18 miles, and it felt good to stop while I still felt there were a few miles in me. Afterwards we drove up to Phoenix (2hrs) to visit my folks for the day, so it was nice not to have the legs screaming at me for the car-rides.

Here's how the week went down-
Mo: 7, 5
Tu: 10 (w/4-mile evaluation), 5 plus weights
We: 12 (strides), 6
Th: 16, 5 plus weights/plyometrics
Fr: 10 very easy
Sa: 8 w/7 at 6:18 pace
Su: 18
Total: 102 in 11 sessions

Altogether a good week on miles, frequency and cross-training, but a poor week for the up-tempo effort and the evaluation. I'm finding it's hard to get it all working at the same time, but it seems like I'm slowly making progress.

Today's shorter run was a bit of a trudge, but that seemed to be the case last week as well.

8 miles, 58m, 7:18 pace, bricks for feet
Sleep: 6.5h 7/10
Legs: 5/10
Weather: 78 degrees, 66 dewpoint

18 miles, 2h05m, 6:56 pace
Sleep: 8h 9/10
Legs: 8/10
Weather: 78 degrees, 66 dewpoint

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