Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today's commute to Haiden's first day of kindergarten (photo by Kiera)

I can't believe our daughter started school today. She couldn't have been more excited, and it was nice to have enough time to bicycle there. I had about five minutes to change clothes and dry off between the 16 miler this morning and getting on the bike to take Haiden, so I was definitely the sweatiest and stinkiest parent in the common area as we waited for the classrooms to open.

16 miles, 1h50m, 6:55 pace, 139HR
Sleep: 5h, 5/10
Legs: 7/10
Weather: 72 degrees, 68 dew-point

8/13/08 pm., 6.2 miles in about 43 minutes, felt good


running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

Ya might be the sweatiest but I bet your the fittest dad in the school parking lot.

mainers said...

nice one Mike, my eldest starts kindergarten in the next couple of weeks too- Mom will be taking her to school though!

keep up the good training

Dusty said...

That bike is so cool! Does she need to peddal or do you just pull her along. Way fun way to go to school.

Lizard is right - you are absolutely the fittest!

Mike said...

Thanks lizard. I don't know, there was one dad there who could have easily bench-pressed me!

Paul, thanks for the comment and I hope your oldest digs school as much as ours seems to.

Dusty, she actually pedals pretty furiously most of the time, and it really does help. We were rolling down the hill in Sabino Canyon a few days ago, and while I was coasting with the brakes on I looked back to see her still pedaling away at 120RPMs or so!

Love2Run said...

That's a great looking bike 'Dad' and you don't look very sweaty to me. Great mileage there lately.

Joseph P. Wood said...

They grow up and go to school? Why did no one tell me this before I had a baby--now she's 19 months and the thought of kindergarten frightens me.

PS: Not putting enough mileage in, huh? Need to get some extra aerobic work on the bike?

Ewen said...

Great photo. Would have been another good one pulling up next to all the SUVs at school.

running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

Seeing that pic of you and your daughter on the way to school, made me think just how quite the roads are in the mornings right now cause of the school holidays, No four wheel drive traffic jams! Going back a long way to when i was at school we always use to walk or cycle, me and my brothers use to get straight back from school and be out playing football, or playing games running and cycling about, without even knowing it we were getting a couple of hours exercise and havin loads of fun!
The club I run for put on a schools mile races in may each year and its sad that some of the kids start walking after only 100m! and these are some of the fitter kids!
I guess nowadays many kids get almost zilch exercise, carted to school by 4.W.D. and then sat in front of there computer at night, maybe getting an hour of P.E. at school each weak if their lucky, so its great to see your bringing your young family up to enjoy the frill and excitment of good ole fashioned fresh air and exercise and a healthy future to come.
good on you mike!