Saturday, August 23, 2008


11 miles, around 1h14m (watch got out of synch)
7 miles in 5:50(155HR), 6:12(157), 6:13(156), 6:20(157), 6:21(156),6:25(156), 6:24(156), 3:26 to 120HR
Sleep: 6.5h 7/10
Legs: 9/10 Fresh
Weather: 82 degrees, 64 dew-point

First day of my return to back to back marathon pace(ish) workouts, so I celebrated by running 28 laps on the track while pushing buttons on the watch. The goal was 7 miles at 156 heart rate, and you can see the official results above.

Mid-way through mile 4 I had the urge to keep the pace at at 6:15 or so, but the heart rate seemed to drift up towards 158 when I did so. I was glad to see the paces level out at the end, and I think the first mile's quick time was due to starting from a 140 heart rate.

The recovery time to a 120 heart rate after the 7 miles seems wrong, though it was very sunny, hot and humid as I was standing on the edge of the track watching the monitor's numbers slowly count back down from 150. I'll keep an eye on this next week to see if it was just a fluke, as I felt relaxed when I finished.

Tomorrow's plan calls for 10 miles steady plus six miles of current marathon pace, which should be interesting. The coach has warned that this first step back towards these workouts might be taxing, so I'm anxious to see how it goes.

Speaking of Mystery Coach, I'd like to thank him for posting the general training plan, and I encourage all interested readers to pepper him with questions to get him back to work on "Ask the Mystery Coach Mondays".

12 miles, 1h25m, 7:10 pace, w/6x40 second bursts
Resting HR: 40
Sleep: 5h 5/10 (sick Finn again)
Legs: 6/10 Light on sleep, heavy on feet
Weather: 78 degrees, 65 dew-point

16 miles, 1h55m, 7:05 pace, 146HR, Very hilly run to the top of Sabino Canyon
Sleep: 6.5h 7/10
Legs: 8/10
Weather: 76 degrees, 59 dew-point (nice)

8/20/08 pm., 6.2 miles in 90 degree weather around 6:50 pace

12 miles, 1h24m, 7:05 pace, w/6x40 second bursts
Sleep: 7h 7/10
Legs: 8/10

8/19/08 late morning, 5 miles easy on treadmill, 7:50 pace, plyometrics and 45 minutes of weights.

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Ewen said...

Mike, I mentioned on my blog the program I use to make the tables...

One cool thing is that you can do the chart in a normal spreadsheet, then copy all the cells and paste that into a new .rtf document, then convert that to html. Then remove the 'line breaks', copy the table and paste into blogger.