Saturday, August 30, 2008


12 miles, 1h19m, 6:38 pace, w/3x90 second bursts, last mile at 5:50 or so
Sleep: 5.5h 6/10 (still falling behind)
Legs: 9/10 Man I felt good
Weather: 78 degrees, 58 dew-point

I decided to put in some preliminary speed-work two days in a row, mostly because I just felt good and wanted to run a bit faster today. Canceling a few doubles this week seems to be giving me a boost, which might help me come race day on Monday. I also think going into the race with a bit less fatigue might help me recover faster afterwards (we'll see how this part works out). I haven't raced since May, so I'll be on the line Monday with a smile on my face, gladly willing to suffer.

I was out until midnight last night trying out a rehearsal space for what will eventually be a new band I'll be in. It's been two years since my last performance (a 10-year reunion show with my old band), and ever since I've been threatening a return to making noise. I've been able to write some new tunes, but getting other musicians to commit and finding a place to rehearse has been a struggle until now. Last night was the first practice, which was pretty much me playing the new tunes to the drummer, who is also a good friend. Making a loud racket for three hours or so without any complaints from family or neighbors was a joy, and I can't wait to get the rest of the group in the same room playing together. It felt like finally taking the line to race after miles and miles of solo training.


Love2Run said...

I'm sure you'll be good to go. Have a good race!

Grellan said...

Best of luck with the band. late night rehersals and early morning runs, how will you get it all together?

Ewen said...

Good score for the legs! Monday should be good - I can't wait to hear about the hill.

Thomas said...

Good luck with the race - and even more good luck with the new band. Now that's an exciting development.