Thursday, August 07, 2008


Aside from the lackluster evaluation run on Tuesday, the training has gone well this week. Both kids are finally healthy, and for the first time since Saturday night I had an uninterrupted night's sleep.

Lucas drove out to join me for 16 miles this morning, and we covered an abbreviated version of what has become the long run. While I had to ease into it, I felt stronger as the run progressed. Even the long drag through gut-check alley went well, which when considered along with an average heart rate of 139 hopefully means my recovery is finally getting into check.

I ran an easy 10K with the group last evening, and thankfully no one was in a hurry. These hot evening outdoor runs feel like a chore compared to the boring but cooler treadmill runs at the gym, but I certainly prefer the company of the former to the latter.

16 miles, 1h51m, 7:00 pace, HR 139
Sleep: 7,5h, 8/10
Legs: 8/10
No soreness in the legs, just a bit of fatigue on the uphills. Nice run

8/6/08 pm., 6.2 miles easy in 43 minutes


by7 said...


regardless of the actual outcome of this or that evaluation run (can be influenced too much by external factors), I join the idea that sometimes you demand too much out of yourself.
One issue is running 100 Miles, at 60F, while sleeping 9 hours/day; different story is running as much with not enough sleep and in the heat.
I think that especially recovery in Summer is greatly slowed down by the too great loss of fluids and greater effort needed.
We know that running at the same speed, in warmer environment, push the HR rate higher. This makes every run more taxing that what should actually be...
Anyway keep strong, you are one of my favorite blogs...

On a more technical matter, it would be interesting to know why Mystery Coach does not also add some kind of evaluation test that might be less influenced by temperature.
For example a kind of test Conconi on 200m step-up would take only 10/12 minutes, without the effect of thermal drift. It would also give more indication of the "power" at higher speed/higher HR

running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

Nice to see your back on track after the false ALARM BELLS!
By 7 is right the Conconi test would give you far more useful information.
I use to do this test once a month in the winter when doing my cycle training.
But not all that sure ARTHUR would approve of all this testing, maybe he would send you off to do a short race to see hoe you were getting on!

eric said...

I'm not speaking for Mystery Coach, but I will say that my suspicion is that the Conconi test would also be influenced by thermal drift (anything longer than 5 minutes would be), and is a test more suited for determining anaerobic condition, as opposed to aerobic fitness, which would be much more important to track for marathon training. Additionally, recovery is not measured in the Conconi test (although I suppose you could try), and if you've been following Mike's blog (and Mystery Coach's Axioms), you know that recovery is often a better indicator of fitness than specific times or paces.

Rather than mixing in a new type of test (and starting at zero data points), a better course of action would be for Mike to put off an evaluation run for another day with variables that match up better to previous runs.

by7, I agree that Mike is often too demanding of himself. He is (slowly but surely (surly? perhaps.)) coming around, though!

running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

From the conconi test you can infact determine all your training levels and the point of deflection of the heart rate is what will determine how fast you can run a marathon, check out PETER JANSSEN's book training lactate pulse.

Mike said...

By7, it's nice to hear from you. Enjoy your close vantage point to the Olympics.

I'm still a fan of this test, mostly because of it measures what we're specifically working on at this point (maximum steady-state and recovery).

I think sleep (or severe lack of it) has influenced the past two tests as much or more than temperature/dew-point.

As far as waiting for conditions to improve before testing goes (as Eric suggests), I'll definitely consider it for the next test.

The recovery since the test has definitely been good, and I'm feeling good about the pattern and stress level I'm at for the week.

And yes, surely I'm surly. Just ask my wife.

by7 said...

I would say that the 2 tests could complement themselves:
- the evaluation run is really a good way to check on the "total aerobic conditioning" (let me allow this expression)
- Conconi Test (or similar like Moritani test) could give a report on the actual maximum aerobic speed (something that the "steady state run" can not measure) and also update the runner on the current HR/speed relation

Olympic Update: this Equestrian stuff starts very early to avoid the heat, so this morning already at 6.30 I found my usual running path blocked by Police and all the circus of press, spectators, etc heading to the venue...
I will get some pic (very weird to see all these banners
Beijing 2008", but we are 2200km away)