Friday, August 08, 2008


Took my "light day" description from Mystery Coach to an extreme with a very slow jog. I woke with some G.I. issues, probably due to going to the gym after eating out with the family last evening. It seemed the only way to squeeze it all in, but I'll make different arrangements next time.

This was my second strength training session of the week (and for the build in general), and I'm hoping I can make a habit of it. Right now I'm working on single sets of 12-15 reps for most muscle groups, though I did squeeze in a second set of squats and three longer sets of crunches. I followed this up with some two-legged box jumps, though after three sets of 20 I was sure I was going to lose my dinner.

Running an easy five miles on the treadmill while watching yesterday's Daily Show was a pleasure compared to the lifting, mostly due to my ego adjusting to the fact that I'm generally lifting 70% or less of what I used to lift during my gym rat (read "fat") days, and back then I was doing three sets instead of one. Still, with the 213 pounds I had back then it was easier to throw a bit more weight around (literally).

While the week isn't over, I'm patting myself on the back for getting in four doubles and two strength workouts along with the primary morning runs. Today's very easy slog (along with no second run) will hopefully get me right for tomorrow's up-tempo work and Sunday's long run.

10 miles, 1h15m, 7:29 pace, 129HR
Resting HR: 42
Sleep: 7h, 8/10
Legs: 6/10 Blame yesterday's late double and weights
Temp: 76 degrees, 63 dew point

8/7/08 pm., 5 miles easy on the treadmill around 7:45 pace
1H of general weights, core work and box jumps (3x20 two-leg jumps)


Ewen said...

That was a light running day. Here's hoping it leaves you with more petrol in the tank for the weekend's workouts.

I'll outbid Eric and say any test longer than 3 minutes is going to be affected by unfavourable weather... I can't think of any WR miles/1500s that were run on hot/humid days.

Surely we're all a little surly when things aren't going pearly?

eric said...

Ewen, you're a poet (if you didn't already know it).

And there are no points if you overbid! I admit I was going to say three minutes myself, just to sound more precise. =)

Ewen said...

Too good Eric. You're the winner, I'm just a grinner.