Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Good Week in the Bank

20 miles, 2h14m, 6:42 pace
Sleep: 6h, 6/10 weird insomnia from watching Olympic marathon
Legs: 9/10
Weather: 82 degrees, 64 dew-point

Tough but good run this morning, starting down low in town on the Rillito River path, then climbing several miles on trails and roads, then falling back down again. I'd say less than half the run was flat, but that's still more flat than I'm used to when I run from my neighborhood (drove to this one).

We started with a nice group of 7, but my friends Jason and Catlow started pounding us into submission soon after the first five comfortable miles. I spent my time alternating between trying to catch up to their heels and trying to just run as comfortably fast as I could while not bonking. Once we finally made it down from the hills we were left with a few miles to go on the path again, and at about 18 miles I started to feel a bit drained while running with Lucas, and I was a bit relieved to finally shut it down at 20. This ends a good week, which makes for two solid weeks in a row. Here's how it went down:

Mo: 8 tired
Tu: 10 (big hills)
We: 12, 6
Th: 16, 5
Fr: 12, 5
Sa: 11 up-tempo
Su: 20
Total: 105 in 8 sessions

Enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading.


Ewen said...

Good week.

We're a couple of hours behind, so the evening sessions are testing - the 10,000 started at 12.30am this morning.

If the men get similar weather next weekend, it could be a sub-2.10 race.

Mike said...

Since I am highly allergic to Bob Costas I've been TIVO'ing any of the events I'm interested in, which has kept me from any late nights. For the marathon I tuned in about 40 minutes in, so after skipping the commercials and desk-jockey talk I was able to watch what coverage they had in a bit under two hours.

The marathon was done by 9pm or so here, but I just kept thinking about it while I was trying to sleep.


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Mike said...

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