Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Man, You're Gonna' be Walking in Circles"'

I had put one shoe on while sitting on a bench in the gym's locker room, and now I was staring at the other one and laughing. When the guy across from me heard this he turned around with a puzzled look. I showed him the shoe already on my right foot, then held the other right shoe down next to it. I liked his response.

This made running on the treadmill impossible, as I had driven to the gym in flip-flops. The kids were both already signed in for childcare though, so I lifted for about an hour in two right shoes.

I never managed a second run on Monday either, so this week has started off quite a bit lighter than last week. Yesterday morning I finally explored the now-repaired and newly reopened Sabino Canyon Road to where it climbs to an end. There are some pretty steep sections on the way up, which brought the heart rate to 164 for awhile. Since I was working a bit just to move forward I didn't press the pace, and running through two ankle-deep stream crossings on the way up and down kept the shoes wet and heavy throughout.

This morning I put in 12 miles in the usual sultry conditions. The legs felt a bit heavy from moving up to three sets for a few exercises yesterday, but 8x100 meter strides towards the end of it on the track helped loosen them up before I headed home.

12 miles, 1h22m, 6:52 pace, w/8x300 jog, 100 stride/accelerations
Sleep: 7h, 7/10
Legs: 7/10 Little tender from lifting
Weather: 79 degrees, 66 dew-point (just like every freaking day)

10 miles, 1h11m, 7:05 pace, hilly run up Sabino Canyon, 139HR
Resting HR: 42
Sleep: 8h 9/10
Weather: 79 degrees, 66 dew-point


Joseph P. Wood said...

You know, once, I hiked up from the end of the Sabino roadway to the top of mount lemmon. I always wonder now if I could run it...

Michael said...

I love those moments.

Phil said...

The only thing you didn't do was take a picture, you would be showing it to your grand-children ... you know you're comfortable with your masculinity when you can walk into a gym with two right feet.

Ewen said...

Maybe the weather bureau's dew-pointometer is buggered!

Dusty said...

If you had said you did a long run at 12mph with two right shoes, I was going to fall off my chair (but not be surprised). Glad fate gave you a little time off.

And most people have two left feet. ;)