Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More "Good"

Ran my 6th 4-mile evaluation run of this training cycle this morning and finally found the numbers moving in the right direction again. Today's run is on top, followed chronologically by the previous evaluations:

8/19/08: 6:09(150HR), 6:18(150), 6:20(150), 6:17(150), :47 to 120HR
8/05/08: 6:07(153HR), 6:30(151), 6:34(151), 6:39(151), 1:00 to 120HR
7/22/08: 6:13(151HR), 6:22(152), 6:27(152), 6:29(151), 1:00 to 120HR
7/08/08: 6:03(150HR), 6:14(151), 6:13(151), 6:12(150), :42 to 120HR
6/28/08: 6:02(150HR), 6:11(151), 6:15(151), 6:14(151), :45 to 120HR
6/10/08: 6:15(148HR), 6:25(151), 6:28(151), 6:34(150), :51 to 120HR

A few interesting notes: It was much easier to keep the heart rate at a steady 150 this time, whereas I've had some difficulty keeping it from drifting up to 152 or 153 during the past two evaluations. Also, I felt like the lungs "unclenched" at about 2.5 miles, right about the time the heart rate dropped down to 148 for a short time. From that point until the end it felt like I was getting faster, which is mirrored by the quicker last mile.

I didn't really need this evaluation to tell me things have improved during the past two weeks, as a few other good signs have appeared. The miles are generally coming more easily, the long runs are ending with longer totals and fresher legs, and my general mood and disposition have improved remarkably. Since last week marked my last of 10 weeks of conditioning, it's nice to feel the fitness finally creeping up a bit.

Here's a summary of the past 10 weeks:
6/9-6/15: 92 miles, 21 mile long run
6/16-6/22: 102 miles, 21 mile long run
6/23-6/29: 89 miles, 19 mile long run
6/30-7/6: 92 miles, 22 mile long run
7/7-7/13: 99 miles, 20 mile long run
7/14-7/20: 89 miles, 16 mile long run w/horrible bonk (bad week)
7/21-7/27: 70 miles, 16 mile long run (horrible eval. run, travel, bad week)
7/28-8/3: 86 miles, 20 mile long run (made the best of a travel wk., improving)
8/4-8/10: 102 miles, 18 mile long run, (added strength work, feeling good)
8/11-8/17: 105 miles, 20 mile long run, (good week overall, kept strength work)

My week and a half in Reno definitely hurt me, but since it's a necessary part of my job I can't really avoid it. If anything, those two down weeks (7/21-8/3) probably helped make the breakthrough I've felt during the the past two weeks possible. I'm encouraged by the number of long runs, though it's telling that I no longer have a string of 22's in that column. I just seem to be able to bounce back from 20 milers better than longer runs these days, so I'm just going with it. Having enough energy to play with the kids on Sunday afternoon instead of laying on the couch and moaning seems to make for more peace in the house too.

10.5 miles, 1h10m, 6:45 pace
4 mile evaluation in 6:09(150HR), 6:18(150), 6:20(150), 6:17(150), :47 to 120HR
Resting HR: 42
Sleep: 6h 7/10
Legs: 8/10 Very good
Weather: 77 degrees, 64 dew-point

8/18/08 pm., 5 miles slow on the treadmill, 7:50 pace or so, tired

12 miles, 1h23m, 6:56 pace
Sleep: 6.5h 6/10
Legs: 7/10 Better than usual after long run
Weather: 76 degrees, 66 dew-point


Michael said...

It's nice to see your evaluation run reflecting your current attitude (well done). Best of luck with the next phase of training.

running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

Looks like the dark clouds have cleared revealing blue sky's ahead!!!

Marc said...

Nice to see both the disposition and the numbers improving for you. It is very nice when the two come together at the same time.

Now, if yoiu're not doing anything with that green and yellow lamp....

Blaxabbath said...

Mike -- you rule.

I am glad that your blog is back. It inspires me to gain wait slower than I otherwise would have.

Love2Run said...

Good is great to hear. It seems like it's been awhile coming but much deserved with all your hard work.