Saturday, August 09, 2008

Strike One, Strike Two...

My stomach problems continued into last night, but I persisted in going out to see a few bands instead of heading to bed early before today's up-tempo run. As a result I ended up with half a night's sleep, slightly sore legs and a still sour gut when I woke. Strike one.

Mystery Coach has bumped down Saturday's 10 miles to 64 minutes, which gives me a pace window of 6:24-6:29. Like last week, I headed out with the heart rate monitor and ran by feel for the first four to get a read on things. I could feel I was working a bit harder this week, and the 152 average heart rate after four miles at 6:16 pace showed it when compared to the 148 average the week before when I was running the same speed. Yes, I was already running eight seconds per mile too fast while I was feeling a bit overworked and sore. Strike two.

After six miles or so I stopped for a second to tie my shoe and I just didn't feel like picking the speed up again. The stomach didn't feel right, I felt overheated and I realized I was pushing too hard for the workout, even though the heart rate wasn't getting much above 155. As I approached seven miles I thought about the two strikes I already had on me (sacrificing my recovery and preparedness for the workout and then attacking the workout at too aggressive a pace), and how the only mistake I had left to make was to grind myself into the ground and finish the workout, even while my body was fighting against it. Tomorrow's long run also started looming in my mind here. Here comes the pitch...

I decided to call the effort at seven miles, and I jogged the last mile home to make it eight miles instead of ten for the day. Not the end of the world here, I just think I sorely need some sleep, and I need to reduce some of my expectations if I start adding in more strength or if I'm not feeling well.

8 miles, 50m, 6:24 pace, 153HR, w/7 miles at 6:19 pace
Sleep: 4.5h 3/10
Legs: 6/10 Tender from plyometrics/weights
Weather: 79 degrees, 64 dewpoint


running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

Hey man! your so intense, so---, beating up on yourself, JUST CHILL AND GO WITH THE FLOW!

Thomas said...

You have a tendency of attacking your workouts. Could it be that Mystery Coach takes that into account when prescribing paces, i.e. he says 6:24 knowing fully well that you'll go for 6:20 at least?