Sunday, September 21, 2008


Mystery Coach laid out an interesting long run today which included 7 miles at 6:10-6:15 pace...with a twist. After each mile I was told to spend a half mile gradually accelerating up to my maximum "relaxed" speed before immediately heading into the next 6:10-6:15 mile. It took my legs a few miles to come to grips with the fact that the 6:10-6:15 miles were actually the "recovery" part of the run, but after about four miles I seemed to settle in fairly comfortably. I didn't blow the doors off any of the 1/2 mile sections, but I did seem to get down to below 5K pace for at least a tenth of a mile or so by the end of them. I still seem to not have much top end at the moment, but it's hard to really dig in full-bore when you know you have several more miles at close to marathon pace ahead of you during a run like this. All in all it was a fun and challenging run, though I regretted getting a late start on it since it's heating up around here again. I spent the evening before at what I guess I can call band rehearsal, though there's only two of us at the moment. Getting to bed at midnight doesn't go along well with a 5am wake up for a tough long run.

Another week down:
Mo: 10 easy
Tu: 12, 4
We: 13 w/preliminary speed, 6
Th: 16
Fr: 12 easy (felt bad)
Sa: 12 w/7 around 5:56 pace
Su: 18 w/10.5 mile effort alternating 6:10-6:15 miles w/.5 mile acceleration
Total: 104 in 8 sessions

18 miles, 1h54m, 6:23 pace, 7 alternating mile/half mile paces of: 6:12/5:52, 6:11/5:41, 6:12/5:42, 6:10/5:43, 6:05/5:38, 6:10/5:45, 6:11/5:39
Sleep: 4.5h 4/10
Legs: 8/10
Weather: 78 degrees and dry


Ewen said...

At least I don't remember when The Stones were the "latest thing"!

I'm predicting Mystery Coach's fine tuning will bring out the top end - maybe that will bump down the HR at race pace a bit too?

Thomas said...

Have you come up with an idea on how you will be able to combine band training and running in the future?

Mike said...

Thomas, right now I'm kind of stuck putting up with my drummer's schedule. He likes to practice after putting their kid to bed, so it makes for a late evening, and he's not much for planning things a few days ahead of time. Once we settle on practicing the same night each week I can make sure to plan a shorter, easy run the morning after. However once we can reliably add two or three more musicians to the mix we'll get to work around 4 or 5 peoples' schedules. It's never easy.

Ewen, though it's fun having the top end, I'm in no hurry to really focus it at this point, as it's hard not to overdo it once it comes on.