Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today I figured out which shoes I won't be wearing come marathon morning. I gave the new Asics Hyperspeeds a go for my workout on the track, but between the very low heel height, the minimal padding in the forefoot and a less-than-perfect fit I decided that these shoes should probably top out at 10 miles of racing. Tonight I'll try out the Asics Banditos, but what I'm really looking for are two shoes that don't exist anymore (the old XI version of the Asics DS trainer and the extinct Asics Ohana Racer). While I'm listing off shoes I want but can't get, I might as well add the last incarnation of the Hyperspeed, since it fit me much better, had a slightly higher heel and more forefoot cushioning. Yes, I'm living in the past.

Now where was I before I started complaining? Oh yes, on the track for 5-10X1000, one every five minutes with a goal pace of 3:24-3:30 (with a little leeway), and a plan to surge from 700-900 meters before coasting in. I was told by Mystery Coach to stop once the effort matched how I felt at 2.5 miles into a 5K. Usually my eyeballs are dragging on the ground by that point, so I figured I would probably get all ten in.

3:22, 3:22, 3:24, 3:23, 3:23, 3:22, 3:23, 3:22, 3:23, 3:23

The workout really seemed to go well. Typically I'd hit the first 400 very relaxed in 1:20-1:21, then I'd ease up just a little until I surged from 700-900 before easing to the line. As the reps progressed I started getting a bit more ahead of schedule at the 600 mark, so I started cutting the surges a little earlier and worked on form for the last 200. The lungs never complained, and the legs didn't seem to feel the load until the eighth rep. Even at that point it seemed more a case of the calf muscles and quads getting used to the new shoes, as the paces didn't dip.

All in all I was happy with the day, especially since this was the first higher volume speed workout I've done since May.

12 miles, 1h11m?, w/10x1000 on 5 minutes in 3:22, 3:22, 3:24, 3:23, 3:23, 3:22, 3:23, 3:22, 3:23, 3:23
Sleep: 5h 5/10 Ugh
Legs: 8/10 Good
Weather: 70 degrees and pleasant


Ewen said...

Consistent! You'll have to start recording the tenths.

Repeat 1000s are popular down here - I think because we're metric. Glad you resisted converting the pace back to minutes/mile ;)

Mike said...

Mike - I've been using the ASIC Hyperspeed-2 during my threshold runs on the track. It seems that the next day for about the first 5-minutes after I wake up the base of my achilles are sore. Then it goes away. Have you experienced this?

Not sure if it's because of the low heel or just me getting used to the shoe.

Thomas said...

Mike, if you really want a pair of Ohanas there are loads still available on the internet, and not just from dodgy stores either.

Just type "asics ohana" into google and off you go.

Mike said...

Wow, google...never thought of that.

Seriously though, I try to get all my shoes from The Running Shop, since they by far and away the biggest and best supporters of local running in Tucson. However, since they can't get them anymore I did have to place an order for the Ohanas through one of the big chains.

Eric said...

If you didn't have monster feet, I could sell you a pair of my Ohanas.

Thomas is right, though. Lots left on the net.

Mike said...

With my monster 13's (14's in some shoes), given equal stride rate and distance between strides, I'll be at the finish line at least a few meters ahead of those runners with puny feet at the end of a marathon.