Thursday, September 04, 2008


10 miles, 1h10m, 7:02 pace w/2x :45, 1x2min, 2x :45 bursts
Resting HR: 38
Sleep: 7h 7/10
Legs: 6/10 Kind of dragging
Weather: 76 degrees, 59 dew-point

9/3/08 pm., 6.2 miles easy

16 miles, 1h53m, 7:03 pace
Sleep: 6.5h 6/10 (woke up tired)
Legs: 6/10
Weather: 75 degrees, 60 dew-point

It seems I might have dragged my recovery from the race out longer by over-doing the miles yesterday, so I took the advice I usually give others and cut my run short today. There's no specific pain to speak of, other than some usual low-grade soreness from the race on Monday. However, I just didn't feel much like pushing hard through the preliminary speed during the run, which I took as a sign that I just needed to back off a little.


Mike said...

Resting HR-38!?? Damn, that's low!

Thomas said...

Hey, we've got the same resting HR. Unfortunately, I'm flagging behind in all the other numbers. Apart from age. Doh!

Mike said...

You too Thomas? 38?? Suddenly I'm feeling REALLY out of shape. Guess I better get in some more miles!

Mike said...

Thomas, I'm guessing the distance between your resting and your max HR is a bit greater than mine, which is a good thing...for you.

I need to track the resting heart rate a bit more often. I don't think it gets below 37, though it's guaranteed to eventually. =)

Mark said...

everyone's resting heart rate gets below 37 upon final resting *-)