Friday, September 05, 2008


11 miles, 1h11m, 7 mile effort in 5:59(151HR), 5:59(150), 6:00(151), 5:59(153), 5:57(154), 5:59(154), 5:58(153), :50 seconds to 120HR
Resting HR: 38
Sleep: 7h 7/10
Legs: 7/10 Touch of soreness deep in low-quads and calf muscles
Weather: 71 degrees, 55 dew-point (getting much better)

Some good data on the heart rate front this morning, though I'm guessing it probably has as much to do with the improved weather as any improvement in fitness. The past few marathon pace runs have been on hot and humid days, so today's excellent conditions were a pleasant surprise. Don't think I'm too lucky here though, as it's still getting up to 98 or 100 degrees each afternoon.

Mystery Coach suggested 6 minute pace for 7 miles today, and I decided to hit the track to get some Garmin-free (read: accurate) data. I've been a bit concerned about the heart rate drifting too close to (or into) the 160's during these efforts, so today's results were a good surprise (see above). I felt good, though not particularly fresh throughout the effort, and the only hitch seemed to come at a bit past three miles when I seemed to start breathing a bit heavier. This seems to correspond with a bit of a jump in the heart rate that remained through the rest of the effort. The recovery to 120 after the effort definitely felt better, though again I think the cooler conditions played a major role.

While the miles for the week are taking a hit, it felt good to take yesterday easy in light of today's run and the 17 miler with 7 around marathon pace on the books for tomorrow. As the coach mentioned, there really aren't all that many workouts on the calendar for the remaining weeks, so I'm trying to do a bit more to ensure I'm ready for an effort when the day comes.


Ewen said...

Love the track for accurate data. That does look good Mike - NYC will be cool anyway eh?

Doing the major sessions well should pay dividends on the day.

Mike said...

Thanks Ewen. I have mixed feelings about the track, though there was no dog/man combo this time around. I might end up switching to my 1 mile loop soon, though since it has some subtle ups and downs.

Mark said...

nice workout and sign of improved weather is most likely on the mark for HR.

I would think your one mile loop plays fewer mental games on you as there are not as many reference points.