Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bottle it Up

Perfect weather, two nights in a row with eight hours of sleep, and light volume over the past two days made for some good numbers this morning. Check it out-

The plan called for seven miles at 5:52 pace, which was the same workout I did two weeks ago (9/13) on the river path with the Garmin. Even though I'm adding five seconds per mile to what the GPS reads on road runs, it's hard to directly compare the two workouts as I did this one by the stopwatch on the track. Still, each mile today felt like walking up and rolling strike after strike at the bowling alley. By the first 400 I could feel the heart rate and breathing firmly settled, and it was just a matter of staying calm and relaxed to keep things humming along in the zone.

...And yes, I fully realize comparing bowling to running shreds any remaining indie credibility I might have, but you already know I like Hall & Oates so wasn't that gone already?

The legs were still humming and light on the mile back to the house, but I resisted the temptation to add to the cool-down given the 20 miler with 10 at six minute pace tomorrow. I figure if I have anything left over it would be better to spend it then.

This is the first run this training cycle where I've felt like I stayed under my red-line at a pace equal to or faster than my planned marathon pace, so I'm giving myself and Mystery Coach a pat on the back. I'm hoping I can come out of tomorrow's run with the same feeling.

11 miles, 7 mile effort in 5:52(150HR), 5:51(153), 5:50(154), 5:49(154), 5:50(155), 5:49(155), 5:48(155), :36 second recovery to 120HR
Resting HR: 42 (a little high)
Sleep: 8h 9/10
Legs: 9/10 A little heavy on the warm up, then great
Weather: 68 and humid


Mike said...

Great run! The HR came down quickly too.

FYI - I find that the Garmin is typically off by 10-12 seconds/mile on the track if you're going close to 6-minute pace. It seems to record a mile as 1.03 miles most of the time giving a 3% error in my experience.

Grellan said...

Great run Mike - very consistent pace/HR and the 36 second recovery to 120HR is something else. Just goes to show how important sleep/rest really is.

Mike said...

I've noticed a similar amount of error on the track when I've been using the stopwatch feature on the Garmin while keeping the GPS on in the background for comparison. It just seems much easier and much more accurate to just use the watch on the track.

As for the roads (especially on fairly straight routes), I generally find that adding 5 seconds to whatever the Garmin says my pace is per mile works well enough for an off-Broadway runner like myself, so that's how I log it.

Michael said...

Well done Mike. I like the fact that you're staying under your red line (save the energy for race day)! Keep it up.

Ewen said...

Definitely worth a pat on the back, that one. Who cares about your flagging indie credibility if you can keep that pace going in NY?

I can't help agreeing with Grellan - sleep is the key.

Great photo of Haiden by the way.

Thomas said...

Great running, Mike. It looks like you're hitting form just at the perfect time.