Saturday, September 06, 2008

Coming Around

Today's run was the second half of Mystery Coach's famous back to back workout. After seven miles around current marathon pace yesterday, I tried for ten miles steady plus seven more miles at 6:10-6:15 pace this morning. The coach gave me some leeway to shift the paces according to how I felt, and as luck would have it I felt GOOD.

The first ten was slated for 6:35-6:40 pace, and it took some monitoring to keep to what eventually ended up being 6:38 pace. The legs wanted to go a little faster, but thinking ahead to the next seven miles kept them relatively in check.

I decided to break the seven mile effort into four segments: 3 x 2 miles then 1 x 1 mile, run continuously of course. The first two breezed by in 12:07 and felt very easy, probably because of the net downhill. Miles three and four went by in 12:12, and it took a little bit of concentration to keep on pace. Miles five and six turned uphill about half-way through, and while I could feel the heart rate climbing a bit it felt good to dig in a little (12:02). I suffered the uphill on mile six en route to the track to run the last mile, where I ignored the pace and just tried to feel the effort. Again I could feel the heart rate bump up a little, but it felt good to finish the effort feeling strong with a 5:50.

When I stepped off the track I waited for my heart rate to drop to 120, but for some reason it seemed to stick at 125 from about 60 seconds all the way to 1:50, when it finally fell to 120. This might have a been a techno-glitch, but I guess it's something to note.

During the one mile cool-down back to the house I contemplated adding two more slow miles to even out the run at 20, but after thinking about the effort today, plus yesterday's run and the race on Monday I just headed home to start recovering.

I feel like I've gained a bit of a bump in fitness over the past two weeks, so it's going to take some good planning to keep the upward trajectory without overdoing it. I think I can hear Mystery Coach crunching the numbers right now from his undisclosed location.

18 miles, 1h55m, around 6:23 pace
10 at 6:38 pace (148HR), then 2 miles in 12:07(147HR), 2 in 12:12(153), 2 in 12:02(157), 1 at 5:50(161), 1:51 to 120HR (stuck at 125 for almost a minute)
Sleep: 7h 8/10
Legs: 8/10
Weather: 75 degrees, 48 dew-point


Wayne said...

Good run Mike. You're definitely fit.

Ewen said...

Another good one. Mystery Coach has things tuned pretty well on the balance side of things this prep.

You should have a poll. I'm guessing his undisclosed location is either NZ, Japan, Ireland, Austria or Australia!

Mike said...

Thanks Wayne, good to hear from you and nice getting more updates about your training.

I don't know, Ewen. With all the press Alaska has been getting in the States recently, I wouldn't count it out either.

Ewen said...

Argh! Don't tell me Sarah Palin is Mystery Coach. Or her son Track Palin?!

Mike said...

Hmmm. Maybe someone needs to ask him if his high school nickname was "Barracuda".

Isn't it a sad state of affairs when most Americans probably know that fact about Palin, but probably can't name a single Supreme Court justice or more than perhaps one of their home state's congressmen?