Friday, October 10, 2008


Just marking time for a few days. Worked on form a bit with 8x300 jog, 100 accelerate-sprints along with 1x600 downhill yesterday. No more soreness from the race, and a planned 7 miles at 5:44-5:48 pace on the schedule for tomorrow. Best wishes to Greg for a great marathon in Chicago this weekend. He's done all the work (and then some).

12 miles, 1h22m, 6:53 pace
Sleep: 7.5h 8/10
Legs: 7/10
Weather 68 or so, warming up again?

12 miles, 1h22m, 6::53 pace, w/8x300 jog, 300 accelerate-sprint, plus 1x600 downhill
Sleep: 6h 5/10 Ugh
Legs: 6/10
Weather: 60 or so, very nice

10/8/08 pm., 6.2 miles 44 minutes, easy with the gang

14 miles, 1h39m 7:05 pace
Sleep: 6.5h 6/10
Legs: 7/10 Held back a bit
Weather: ideal


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

It looks like you are handling the mileage well with your training. Leading into NYC, when will you begin your taper and how much will you taper your mileage each week?

I think the last of the heat has finally left us...I hope...

Mike said...

We're still getting into the mid-90's in the afternoons, but at least the mornings are nice.

I think this will be the last week where I'll be around peak mileage for the build (between 95 and 105). The lack of intensity this week (following the race last weekend) makes holding the miles feel easy. Next week will have a jump in the intensity with the last tough back to back workout and a true speed workout, so I'm prepared to back off the miles in order to make the most of the important runs.

I guess under close inspection it's closer to a two week taper than a three week taper, but I'll definitely ease off before next weekend's workouts. I still don't have all the details from Mystery Coach on just how much I'll cut back, but I'm hoping to be able to keep my rhythm of running daily (though the Friday before the race will be a zero with the travel).

Abadabajev said...

So........ you've added recovery runs and really slowed 'them' down. Now I see you PR your 8k distance. Wow... 'them' recovery runs are sure magic. Something you've refused to do in the past. But now we're talking.