Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Why do Ryan Adams and the Cardinals want to ruin my marathon? I loved hearing this tune when Kiera and I saw earlier this year when they came to Tucson:

Now they're playing on Halloween at the Apollo in NYC, which is coincidentally the same day I'll get there (the marathon is 11/2). Between the $40 for tix, a few expensive cab-rides and the resulting short night of sleep, I'm wisely passing. But damn, listen to those harmonies!

9 miles, 1h02m, 6:57 pace
Resting HR: 40
Sleep: 7h, 8/10
Legs: 8/10 Had to force myself to keep slowing down
Weather: Yes

8 miles, 58m, 7:08 pace
Sleep: 7h 8/10
Legs: 7/10 Just a bit stiff
Weather: Oh man, it's just perfect

The legs are feeling quite good, and Sunday afternoon found me with more energy than usual. Still, I'm really trying to start out the week with caution and recovery in mind, since this is the time for the brain to start fooling the legs into working too hard.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That's probably the sweetest sounding taper-hurdle I've ever heard, but I think you are wise not to try and squeeze anymore stress into your trip. NYC is stressful enough all by itself. Nice job holding yourself back with your runs.

Ron said...

weather = yes