Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Week That (Barely) Was

Mo: Off
Tu: Off
We: 6 (sore and stiff)
Th: 4 (see line above)
Fr: 5
Sa: 8
Su: Off
Total: 23 whopping miles in 4 sessions

I took the kids to see my folks in Mesa on Saturday night, and in their traditional fashion they took far too long to fall asleep and woke up at 4:30. This behavior was enough for me to at least blame Sunday's zero on them.

This week is off to a good start with an easy 8 miles yesterday and an easy 6 this morning. I'm still leaving the Garmin at home and just running by feel with a stopwatch, but I can tell I'm starting to move over the road at a faster pace than last week's crawls. The right calf muscle is still gripping the bone a bit too fiercely, but I find I'm noticing it about five minutes later on each run when compared to the run before it. Today I only thought about it at 40 minutes in, so I'm guessing it will be gone altogether in a few days. The adductors, abductors, hamstrings and quads are all still a little sore, but they seem to be coming along nicely. One toenail gone, which is unexpectedly good news. I love those Asics Gel Ohanas.

I'm still committed to going easy through the end of this week and into next week, but I'm starting to think a bit about the upcoming 5K cross-country Turkey Trot on November 27. Since my folks are camping for Thanksgiving instead of cooking, I need to land second place in the 30-39 age group in order to secure a pumpkin pie (Kiera hates pumpkin almost as much as she hates making pies). It would also be nice to knock out a PR for the course here, but with all the uphills, cornering and sprinting on grass it will be a challenge given my usual condition in the month after a marathon.

11/11/08, 6-ish miles in 43 minutes

11/10/08, 8-ish miles in 56 minutes


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Your 'off week' still had more mileage than me...but I'm getting there.

How is that Thanksgiving crosscountry race in Tucson? I see it listed every year and think about doing it, but I always end up just doing the ARR race near my home. Have you done it before?

Mike said...

Running for Pie - that's excellent!! Do you get one of those John Madden 6-legged turkeys if you win!?

Mike said...

As a matter of fact you do win a coupon for a frozen turkey (standard two-legged variety) for first in your age group, but the pie interests me more.

Chad, the race is a real blast. Hay bales, water jumps, hills and a little hop over narrow, man-made creek. Check the photo on this post to see what I mean. It's a really fun family event.

Michael said...

The race looks fun, only we'd have no trouble making puddles in this corner of the world. All the best at the end of the month and enjoy!

Wayne said...

I think you may surprise yourself in your next race. Post-marathon fitness tends to hang around on the good side. Sounds like recovery is going well.

Ewen said...

Cool looking race! But they need to make the water-jump wider :)

You'll be full of energy by then - I'm wondering if you can run slow enough to claim second prize!