Saturday, December 06, 2008


Mystery Coach sent me out for a four mile evaluation run this morning. In the good old days (before NYC) I could run right around 6:00-6:10 pace at 150 beats per minute, but today was a different story:

Mile 1: 6:36 at 153HR
Mile 2: 6:50 at 152HR
Mile 3: 6:52 at 150HR
Mile 4: 6:42 at 150HR

I was moving so slow that I didn't even mind the fitness walker clinging to the inside curb of lane one or the two easy joggers spread out across lanes one and two. It's clear I'm still under the weather, as I'm spending an extra half hour at home trying to get the crud out of my sinus cavities and lungs before heading out each morning.

I guess it's good to have a baseline, but I'm a bit disappointed to see the bar so low at the moment. It does show that I'm probably not doing the easy runs slowly enough though.

8 miles, 57 minutes, w/4 mile eval in 6:36(153HR), 6:50(152), 6:52(150), 6:42(150)
Sleep: 5h 5/10 (hacking too much to sleep)
Legs: 7/10
Weather: 43 degrees

9 miles, 1h03m, 6:58 pace
Sleep: 6h 7/10
Legs: 7/10
Weather: 46 degrees


Thomas said...

Look at the bright side, you are bound to improve a lot over the coming weeks.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Hopefully you will get over it quickly and get the snap back in your legs. In the meantime, rest up and stay warm.

Ewen said...

That's an amazing demonstration of the fleeting nature of aerobic fitness!

Never mind Mike - it's a good bottom to bounce back from.

Michael said...

Hi Mike,

I know it's early, but I was wondering whether you or MC have talked about waht's next... do you have another marathon lined up?

Regardless, congratulations once again on NYC and Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Am I missing something or are you not realizing that you ran a marathon in early November? It takes time to bounce back so you shouldn't force it. You "ain't" old but you "are" older. Recovery becomes everything. The one thing I noticed in my late 30's was a gradual creep of inability to bounce back like I did in my early to mid 30's. It took me a year or so to figure it out. Once I got comfortable with letting my strength & speed come back in it's own time, I was able to set some last PR's before I turned 40.