Monday, December 15, 2008

The Right Direction

...After a few detours
Week of 11/24-11/30/08, 36 miles in 4 sessions
Week of 12/1-12/7/08, 51 miles in 6 sessions
Week of 12/7-12/14/08, 64 miles in 8 sessions

Out with the sick and in with the well. I'm finally feeling like myself again, so it's good to see the frequency and the miles moving up. I've been keeping my mind off the paces as I've tried to get back to it, with the exception of making sure to take a slow day after a faster day or two when they happen. Both Saturday and Sunday found me down in the low 6:40's, so today I put the brakes on and really took it easy.

Hopefully Mystery Coach is starting to pen some workouts or faster days for the near future, as I'm finally feeling ready.

Thanks as always for the comments. I'm not finding much to write about lately with the running, so I'm not forcing it by blabbing on (too much) about nothing in particular.

9 miles, 1h04m, 7:07 pace
Sleep: 6h 6/10
Legs: 7/10
Weather: 50 degrees


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better again. That will sure make the running much more enjoyable and productive. I'm sure the coach will have something up his sleeve for you.

Love2Run said...

Recovery does take time but you seem to be nicely back on track. All the best over the holidays!

Ewen said...

Tell MC Boxing Day is early enough for workouts ;)

by7 said...


may you add to the blog lay-out also the button to subscribe to all the comments ? (so they are delivered by RSS feed to the subscriber...)
(you can find the function on the customization page/lay out page of your blog)
thank you !!

Mike said...

Anything for you, By7. Hope you are getting some sleep with the new one and congratulations again.

Ewen, it looks like preliminary speed and up-tempo days rather than tongue-dragging intervals for the moment, though Boxing Day is just around the corner!

Thanks gang.

Anonymous said...

Is Randy your mystery coach?

Mike said...

Ha! He wishes. =)

No, it's not Randy, but perhaps someday the Mystery Coach will come forth from the shadows and claim the credit he so richly deserves...seriously!