Wednesday, January 21, 2009


9 miles w/workout
Sleep: 7h 7/10
Legs: 8/10
Weather: 63 degrees and overcast (at 6am if you can believe it)
Notes: Marathon-week type workout w/3 miles at 5:50-6:00 pace, then five minutes easy followed by 3x1000 on 5 minutes. Ran the miles in 5:48, 5:51 and 5:50, feeling progressively better as I went along. 1000's in 3:18, 3:10, 3:14. Felt good.

In retrospect, I probably dug in a bit much for the second repeat, as the legs started burning a little during the last 200. I made an effort to ease a little and stay just below the burn for the third one in hopes of making up for it, but it's something I need to watch. Mystery Coach has been emphasizing my current position on the recovery curve, which seems to be more important as I get a little older. Last spring I dug in a little too often while doing workouts, which constantly put me behind the curve. As you might imagine, putting myself into this state seems to increase the amount of time it takes to recover from a workout, and it also put me in the position of heading into the next workout before I was fully recovered. Start repeating this cycle and you'll be moving backwards in no time.

I do think I learned a bit from pushing to hard in the spring, and one adjustment that seemed to pay big dividends for the New York marathon training included taking two very easy days after the back to back workouts. Since I'm not really in marathon mode right now, I'm doing the same thing after a Saturday workout/Sunday long run block, which has helped with the recovery over the past few weeks.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

It sounds like you are being really smart with your training. Good luck with your 5k/10k race schedule. It looks like a good one.

Abadabajev said...

I don't see any runs in the 8 min. mile pace for your easy runs. That would greatly increase your recovery even faster. Well I tried. Ballz to the wall workouts only go so far. I see that you did really good on your last marathon. High mileage is your call. But just not enough recovery runs. Otherwise, you would have smashed your PR. Your thoughts/writing are so clear and simple to read(and fun) yet your workouts are still complicated as always.

Love your blog. Always.