Thursday, January 08, 2009


Staying at it, but I did miss Monday's run. Haiden lost her first tooth, which made for an exciting evening early in the week, and I found myself cornered by a few javelina while trying to run a downhill 800 from the end of a dead-end road (a big rock and lots of shouting helped here).

8 miles, 55 minutes
Sleep: 7h 7/10
Legs: 6/10
Weather: 36 degrees
Notes: Mystery Coach suggested 10x1000 on 5 minutes by feel without checking splits. Took a short warm up and got to it, but by the fifth one I felt I was starting to go over the limit. I made it through the 6th but felt pretty shaky and too over-taxed, so 400 into the 7th repeat I called it a day. Checking the splits on the way home give some indication of why it started feeling so difficult as I went along: 3:27, 3:22, 3:19, 3:19, 3:18, 3:15, 1:15 (400). Made the mistake of having a light dinner last night after running 6 miles with the gang, and by the time I got home from the workout I had that buzzy feeling of being too depleted. Need to eat more at the right times and less at the wrong times.

pm., 6 miles easy with the group in 44 minutes

9 miles, 1h05m, 7:11 pace
Sleep: 6h, 6/10
Legs: 7/10
Weather: 34 degrees
Notes: Cold for around here. Forced myself to really go easy over some trails in the canyon

9 miles, 1h0m, 6:48 pace
Sleep: 5h, 5/10
Legs: 7/10
Weather: 40 degrees
Notes: Ran 2x800 downhill and 4x300 jog, 100 accelerate-spring to shake the legs out. Felt good afterwards.

1/5/09, big zero. Bad weather and no motivation


Mike said...

What exactly is a javelina??

Mike said...

Ugly buggers:
here's one

Mike said...

Wow that's quite a nasty looking little thing. Hate to be cornered by a few of those guys.

Where's a 20' snake when you need it!?

Mike said...

...Just wait until April for the rattlesnakes.

Usually just three or four feet though. =)

Running in the desert is fun?

Mark said...

Now I see what a javelina is as when my wife and I were out in your area we saw these at night. We had a dusk to night drive from upstate from you at about 10 mph because the road was fraught with deer, and javelinas. We called the javelinas wild pigs or boars.

Do javelinas bother runners?

Mike said...

They travel either alone or in packs, often at dusk and just before sunrise. They can be very smelly and also a bit ornery.

...Oh, we're talking about javelina, aren't we? I was talking about runners.

Seriously though, they are known for going after dogs, and they can do quite a number on them with their tusks. They usually leave people alone unless they're traveling with and protecting their young (which is when I came upon them). They come out to tip over trash dumpsters at night and in the early morning for an easy snack.

Love2Run said...

Glad you scared them off. I had to look it up too (what the heck is a javelina).

Ewen said...

Give me ornery magpies and kangaroos any day ;)

Well done with the 1000s. Interesting that they were unintentionally speeding up.