Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Has it been a week already?

8 miles w/3 mile effort in 5:27, 5:27, 5:26
Sleep: 8h 8/10
Legs: 9/10
Weather: 55 degrees
Notes: A step up from a similar workout last week. The lungs felt the faster paces at only 800 in but seemed to relax over the last mile. The legs spun along without issue until about the last 1000, where I felt some fatigue.

It will take doubling this to get solidly under 34m for a 10K, but with a bit more sharpening and some recovery I think I could do it. As for 5K, which is the more immediate goal, it's not quite as clear cut.

I seem to be in a good pattern now, and I'm starting to feel like I'm keeping all three balls in the air (intensity, recovery, mileage). Keeping the long runs to 15 seems to help me feel more fresh on workout days, and I'm noticing that the paces are lagging more and more on the recovery days as the intensity moves up.

Mystery Coach has been the mastermind of balancing stamina, speed and sharpening, and he waves the "caution" flag at my car from time to time in an effort to keep me focused on recovery as we dial things up. Overall I'm feeling great.

9 miles, 1h01m, 6:45 pace
Sleep: 6h 6/10
Legs: 7/10
Weather: 60 degrees
Notes: 1x650 downhill stride brought the pace down. Felt pretty good

10 miles, 1h10m, 7:00 pace

14.5 miles, 1h45m, 7:19 pace
Notes: Easy run w/Lucas and Scott. A bit worn by the end, probably due to the slow pace and high temperature

10 miles w/7 mile marathon-ish pace, right around 6min miles
Notes: Apprehensive about this but I felt really good

8 miles, 55m, 6:54 pace
Notes: 1x800m stride downhill brought the pace down


Ewen said...

Looks like the balancing act is going well Mike. I can see you doing well in the 5 and 10k.

As long as Mystery Coach isn't walking in front of you with the 'caution flag'.


Taking into account the difference between training and racing you look set for a 5 k at low 5 minute mile pace!

runnermint said...

Hello Sir,

I'm from Singapore and I chanced upon your blog whilst googling for Lydiard. I'm a runner myself, and more specifically, a triathlete. I seek to improve my running times and prevent injuries. Recently, I went through a few running programmes and found that Lydiard's approach could be the one to help me achieve the above.

I'd like to ask you, how is Lydiard's approach been working for you? How long have you been applying it? Do you think it's viable for a young runner to invest more time in building base before moving on to anaerobic workouts?

Thank You!


runnermint said...

I hope you will not mind answering a few qns that have been boggling my mind lately..

1. How do you perform Hill bounding and floats?

2. How far/long should my Long Runs be if I want to specialise in half-marathons? Is there a healthy-range of distance or duration to follow?

Thank You!