Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Still running.
I've taken a leave of absence from the blogging world, though I plod on. Mystery Coach keeps coaching and putting up with my constant badgering, though now we're doing it through the calendar feature on Gmail to keep the comments tied to the specific dates where they apply.

I ran a disappointing 5K in late March, then I had a good race earlier this month at the Sabino Canyon Sunset Run, where I placed fourth on a course that pretty much leads you 3.7 miles uphill before turning around and running the reverse.

I'm continuing to struggle a bit with finding my 5-10K speed, though I am making some progress. The mileage has dropped to between 60 and 75 a week as the workouts ramp up, and I'm usually taking two easy days between hard sessions.

All in all, things are about the same, with the only difference being my reluctance to chronicle each day. It started with me spending less time following other blogs, but eventually I realized I didn't really feel like spending as much time on my own blog. If I'm not contributing and commenting to others' writings, I feel a bit strange expecting others to keep commenting on my own running saga.

Also, it seems I've come to the point where I don't find anything remotely remarkable about my running. Yes, I still enjoy it immensely (some days more immensely than others, haha), but to go on posting "was tired, kids woke me up, had to X,Y,Z in order to get the run in" just seems repetitive and boring given everything else going on in the world.

I'll still try to post from time to time, but for now I'm taking a bit of a break from the day to day chronicling of my runs. Thanks to all for reading, and for all the comments and emails. For correspondence, you can always track me down easily on Facebook, and the brevity of that medium seems to be something I have more luck with these days.

Thanks also to Mystery Coach for all the wisdom he's doled out here. If I hadn't started this blog I never would have been fortunate enough for him to take up my training as a cause.


Dusty said...

LOVE reading your blogs - but I too have been away a bit - first reading others, then getting my own in. Good luck w/the runs! Hope to hear more - hope you have time to at least post about the races.. I'm trying to take my own advice. :)

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

All of this (running, blogs, etc) are supposed to be the fun away from things like work. If they become work themselves, then it destroys the whole reason for doing it. Follow your heart and do what feels right for you.

Ewen said...

Mike, drop in from time to time and let us know how you're going. I'm Facebook-illiterate, so the blog will have to do.

Keep enjoying the running!

Thomas said...

Good luck with your training, Mike.

You don't need to apologise for being away from your blog, even though I'd love to at least read some race reports.

I'm sure reading about your training over the last few years made me a better runner myself. At the very least it showed me the value of consistent work.

Mark said...

Gmail is a nice tool! That's cool. Just discovered FB myself, way cool also.

Are you drifting away from being a Lydiard purist?

Would love to see you break 16:00 on your 5K. Definately blog it when you do. My instinct tells me you can crank out a 15:XX!!!

Mike said...

Hey Mike - thanks a lot for all the months of sharing your experiences. Reading up on your training combined w/ MC's educational posts was beneficial for a lot of us, and certainly me in particular.

Best of luck w/ the training and everything else you do. As others have stated, when you hit some milestones, please post them up if you get a chance.

Enjoy your 5k-10k season, and have a great summer w/ the family!

- Mike

Michael said...

Good luck out there. Until later...