Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Looking back, thinking ahead

It was three years ago when I came across Mike's blog when searching for information on Arthur Lydiard for an ebook that I had been putting together. I enjoyed checking in on how Mike interpreted and applied the Lydiard system. Looking at his workouts I could tell he was using some of more recently published schedules which at times caused confusion with how they should be carried out. This promoted me to send him a transcription of an original Lydiard talk. A number of emails went back and forth discussing theory and methods which lead to collaborating on training for his next marathon.

First I want to thank Mike for letting me post on his blog and listening to me every few months proclaim that the ebook was almost done. This time though I'll tell everyone that it is almost done, most likely before this fall "The Artistry of Arthur Lydiard, a visual guide to his system" will be available as a free download.

Since it is still almost done I would appreciate any input or questions you might want answered in the book (they can be sent to me: mysterycoach [at] gmail [dot] com). The book is intended to help you see the steps, feel the steps of Lydiard's methods. It is based on much of his original thinking and observations before he had to justify everything to the scientific world.

I'll have a few more announcements over the next few months regarding the ebook and the best one will be: It's done ready for download.