Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have a 7am appointment in Sacramento on December 6, and with luck and some work it will last a little under 2 hours and 35 minutes. You'll find me here. I'm in week four of base conditioning, getting in good miles sprinkled with some turnover work and a little intensity, and the will is good for another long build up. I'll be running a handful of races in the fall, but all will be secondary to the main goal of running my best at the California International Marathon.

For those of you still holding a place for me in their blog feeds, I apologize for the lack of updates. I just haven't really felt like updating, but I have kept running and competing. The spring race season found me faltering a bit, which might have had something to do with trying to rely too long on the base I built for NYC. It feels good to be getting back into shape, and while training in Tucson during the summer is always trying, I'm finding myself more motivated than ever.

I doubt I'll post as often as I used to, but I will put the word out occasionally to mark how the training is going. Thanks again for reading.


Wayne said...

good to have you back Mike. looking forward to that Dec appointment. best of luck in the train-up and stay injury-free.

Michael said...

CIM, good for you! I'm happy to hear that your running is coming around and that the "will" is still there. As for the race, good luck! At least I can say that you won't pass me this time around... I wouldn't be surprised if I go back there next (2010) December. Regardless, have fun and keep running.

Thomas said...

Blog feeds are great, aren't they?

Good luck with CIM, I think you enjoyed your last outing there, but don't lose the race shirt this time. Kiera was right when she dismissed your statement that you would not be training through the Tucson summer again (no surprise here).

Mark said...

Is this a 24 week program? Would love to read more as you progress to the sub 2:35.

Chris said...

Nice to see you're still writing!

Great Blog!


Andrew said...

I'd never let your place in the blog feed go Mike! Great to hear you're back!

Mike said...

Thanks for the comments. Come on Michael, you'll be craving some California sunshine come December, won't you?

Thomas, Kiera was certainly right. There is some perverse pleasure in getting into shape during the worst weather of the year, isn't there? From your posts it seems you have the worst weather about 11 months of the year.

Mark, I haven't counted out the weeks, but 24 is close. It should be a fairly simple and pedestrian training cycle, but maybe with a little less emphasis on trying to reach a sharp peak. Instead I'll keep gradually ratcheting up while keeping the volume at a sustainable level. Evaluations and recovery will be necessary, and hopefully I'll just keep getting fitter as I go along.

Ewen said...

And I was just about to substitute Rick for you as the Lydiard expert ;)

I hope it goes well Mike - looking forward to following your progress.

Lawrence said...


Do you have any pearls of wisdom for those of us who are doing another Lydiard build-up? I'm particularly interested about wht you have learned about the "base phase":
1. With several iterations of experience, are you approaching your long run differently than during your first Lydiard build-up?
2. Have you found an optimal length for your 3/4 effort each week?
3. What % of your MHR-Resting HR do you run your 1/4 efforts at?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Gregg said...

maybe see you out there... after getting burned at Grandma's I'm looking for a later season race myself and CIM is lookin' pretty good.