Sunday, August 16, 2009

16 Weeks Out

Our daughter started 1st grade this week and she's proudly riding her own bike to school, which has added two miles to my runs until she's comfortable enough for me to ride beside her. Cool stuff. (photo by Kiera)

16 weeks until the C.I.M. marathon:

107 miles in 11 runs
Mo: 10 miles at 7:22 pace
Mo: 5 miles at 7:32 pace
Tu: 12.5 miles w/3 x .7 mile hill repeats at strong effort
Tu: 6 miles at 7:44 pace
We: 8.5 miles at 7:08 pace, 8xstrides
We: 6 miles at 6:55-ish pace
Th: 11 miles w/8x1000 on 5 minutes in 3:23, 3:19, 3:20, 3:22, 3:21, 3:20, 3:21, 3:20
Th: 5 miles at 7:20 pace
Fr: 12 miles at 7:14 pace
Sa: 12 miles w/6x1600 redline run at 6:06, 6:08, 6:07, 6:07, 6:03, 6:02
Su: 19 very hilly miles (Saguaro loop) at 6:53 pace w/second half around 6:15-6:20 pace

I think I'm at close to my limit for miles for this build if I'm hoping to maintain or add to this level of intensity (my hope is to add to it). While I'd like to get back over 120 for a few weeks, it remains to be seen whether or not I can do that without just adding junk miles.

As far as how the week went, I feel good about getting in a hill workout Tuesday and 1000's on Thursday, but failed at squeezing a medium-long run between on Wednesday due to fatigue and a little malaise (still managed some strides though). I also felt good about the redline run on Saturday followed by a tough but strong long run Sunday, and for getting in a total of four doubles without the family throwing me out.


Dusty said...

LOVE the pic! Oh goodness, you made me count - 23 weeks. So is there a lot of importance in how many weeks out (I have a coach I rely on to calculate out my workouts). Any major milestones to pay attention to?

Wayne said...

Mike - i'm curious to know how many weeks is a typical marathon training cycle for you? If Dusty is right (23 wks), then my next question is do you feel burned out by the closing weeks of the marathon? Interested in knowing, maybe I should try a longer build up in the future.

Dusty said...

I think my build-up is probably really long due to when I took my break (that was much needed from a season where I had been sick a lot). I started 29 and a half weeks out with the first 7.5 weeks being base miles plus plyometrics & strides. My coach started his build for a marathon in mid December at the same time. I took a longer break (3 weeks) of no running. I do my first tempo tomorrow.

Mike said...

Nice hearing from you Dusty. As far as milestones, I think Mystery Coach's advice about being able to evaluate your fitness at different intervals along the way is worth noting.

Wayne, what you are doing really seems to be working well, so I wouldn't mess with it. My build-up wouldn't be so long this time if I'd come into it with more fitness, but I really had to build my base back up after several months at lower mileage. You seem to do more intensity than I do, so it's possible a shorter build-up is the ticket for you in order to avoid burnout or over-training.

My NYC build was a little shorter, but that had a bit to do with choosing the race late and also needing to take a break to regroup before starting back up.

Michael said...

The workout on Thursday looks very solid (at least by my standards), well done! What effort were you keeping, 10k/pace? Looking forward to following your progress and footsteps... vicariously. Thanks for sharing.

Mike said...

Hey Michael. Probably closer to 8K pace (or maybe even 5K given my crummy 5K times this year). I was honestly shooting more for volume than paces, trying for 10 but stopping at 8. Since I'm doing these a little earlier in the build I'm trying to be cautious about not bringing around a peak too fast.