Sunday, August 09, 2009

21 (Make that 17) Weeks Out

94 miles in 8 runs this week. A day with eight miles and a zero day while camping Monday and Tuesday really set me on another mileage hunt this week (like last week), and a bonk on Thursday plus feeling tired at the end of both Saturday and Sunday's runs show I'm a little behind on recovery. I felt good about fitting in a hill sprint Thursday, strides on Friday and an evaluation on Sunday. Hopefully I'll stay more consistent with the miles from day to day in the coming weeks, which should allow me to work in more quality instead of chasing missed miles.

Missed out on 100 by eating half a pizza and drinking two beers Friday night instead of running a double, but I'm over it.

Mo: 8 around 7:20 pace at 8000 feet, half uphill and half down
Tu: 0
We: 14 at 7:00 pace in the morning
We: 6 around 6:50 pace in the evening (too fast)
Th: 13 at 7:22 pace and a bonk, plus 1x25 second uphill sprint
Th: 5 miles at 7:40
Fr: 16 miles at 7:11, plus 8x300 jog, 100 accelerate-sprint
Sa: 12.5 miles w/4x1600m evaluation at 150HR in 6:03(149HR), 6:07(150), 6:04(150), 6:07(150) :42 seconds to 120HR recovery
Su: 20 miles at 7:15 pace


Evan Roberts said...

I'm confused. Easily.

Aren't there 17 weeks until CIM?

I'm doing an 11/1 marathon, and I really believe I'm 12 weeks out.

Mike said...

Apparently I'm confused. Edited above. Sheesh, don't know where I came up with that extra month.