Friday, September 04, 2009

14 Weeks Out

Mo: 10 miles at 7:08 pace
Tu: 12 miles w/10 at 6:19 pace
We: 13 miles at 7:00 pace, 8x downhill 100m strides
We: 6 miles around 7min pace
Th: 14 miles w/4x.7 mile hill repeats, very tough
Th: 5 miles easy
Fr: 10 miles at 7:09 pace
Sa: 20 miles at 6:52 pace
Su: 10 miles at 7:07 pace
Total: 100 miles in 9 runs
Tuesday's marathon-ish pace effort seemed to go well, and while the downhill strides are needed they made the legs a little sore for Thursday's tough hill effort. It felt good to get in a 20 miler Saturday, but the last few miles were tough. I think the hill effort actually put me behind on recovery for about four days, so I need to be sparing with that kind of hard work.



Did you do those downhill 100's on road or grass?
If your looking just for leg speed, then grass is best as you can recover faster from the session.
Running downhill on tarmac is great if you want to train the muscles 2 withstand the hammering they get in a marathon, but will make the legs sore for a few days!

Wayne said...

nice week of running Mike.

Wayne said...
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Ewen said...

That's a solid week Mike. It looks like 4 harder days really - Tues, Weds, Thurs and Sat?