Sunday, October 11, 2009

8 weeks out

Still hanging in there, though I've really lost the blogging motivation as of late. Here's where I'm at:

8 weeks out, 10/5-10/11
Mo: 11 miles easy
Tu: 20 miles, 6:57 pace
We: 10 miles easy
We: 6 miles easy
Th: 14 miles w/6 at 6:00 pace on rollers
Fr: 12 miles easy
Fr: 4 miles easy
Sa: 9 miles easy
Su: 14 miles w/10 mile race in 57:32 (5:45 pace)
100 miles in 9 runs

All in all a good week of training given the recovery from the 8K race last weekend and the race today. Goals included a 20 miler, a medium-long run with marathon pace at the end and a solid race effort. Two out of three ain't bad.